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Revision Hell

Revision Hell

Several years ago, I submitted my first futuristic novel and received publication. The book did well and received some nice reviews. Lurin’s Surrender started the aptly titled Life in the Vrail, a collection of books centering around humans and humanoids living in the Vrail Solar System.

The planets and people in the stories are rich, detailed, and multidimensional. I didn’t have any problems with concepts. It’s the writing that gave me fits.

Four years later, after contracting the book with TEB, I needed revisions. Not just small comma changes or consistency fixes, but real, painful, torturous revisions. To be honest, my prose wasn’t that bad, but I made a lot of new writer mistakes, to include using A LOT of passive tense. The sentence flow stuck in parts, and dialog tags littered the copy. ‘He said.’ ‘He remarked.’ ‘He noted.’ ‘He commented.’ So ugly.

I revamped. I revised. I re-edited. Normally, my edits are easy, but with this particular work, I could only manage a few pages a day. I needed an entire weekend to finally finish the darn thing; I made myself take the time with no distractions because otherwise, I still wouldn’t be done and the book releases in July. God bless Jess, who’s now editing the book. Because I was so sick of looking at Lurin’s Surrender before handing it in that I’m sure I missed a ton of redundancies and grammatical mistakes.

Still, reading through it now, after the revision nightmare, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. My book is starting to shine, and I know it’ll sparkle once my final edits are done. The cover sizzles, the story resonates, and the characters are even more fun since I’ve to date written about every crew member on Mara’s Light, the ship carrying my bounty hunters. I also have new ideas for stories not yet written about some secondary characters I’ve missed over the years—Sernal and Gar, for example, my remaining Mardu brothers. So as bad as the story was to get through, it’s led to happier moments. Finally.

Lurin’s Surrender releases from TEB July 6th.

For Captain Mara Seni, being a bounty hunter is what she does, not who she is. But her latest bounty makes her question her job. He’s tall, dark and handsome. But a rapist? A murderer? And why is the victim in question more intent on keeping him than putting him in jail? There’s something off about Lurin Vez, and it’s more than his unusual good looks.

As part of a secret race desired by many in the System, Lurin has a hard enough time trying to hide his abilities. But when his friend is murdered and he's accused of the crime, he lands in real trouble. Because the woman who captures him doesn't respond to his thrall. He finds himself falling for her while trying to avoid an insidious evil bent on his destruction and all he holds dear-- to include his lovely captor.

Marie :)


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Marie,

Just remember, it's the ideas that are most important. You can learn how to improve your writing. Practice and working with great editors like Jess can really help. But the ideas - the characters, the scenarios, the inspiration - nobody can teach you how to pull them from the ether!

Good luck with your release.

All the best,

Jamie Hill said...

This post struck a chord with me, Marie. It's hard work while it's going on, but it is a wonderful feeling to see your book shine at the end of the process!

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Lisabet and Jamie. I'm just so glad to be done the hard part. The edits won't be so bad. But yeah, it is nice to see the book shine at the end!