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Computer Jinx

Sometimes it seems as if the universe is conspiring against you. Well, at least it seems to conspire against ME.

Seriously, I'm trying not to take things personally or too seriously, but sometimes, you can't deny the facts.

We have SEVEN computers in my house. All but one is broken. The one that's not broken belongs to #2 son and he doesn't share - he's afraid we'll break it. I wonder why.

One computer is at the real shop as it's on warranty. Two computers are at #1 son's house waiting IMpatiently for him to fix them.

I asked #1 son the computer techie what we are doing to our computers to make them break so much and he said we just use them alot.

Well, uh, yeah. I write for a living and I promote on the sidelines. I think the kids are playing computer games a lot. Oh! And I discovered Twitter.

A writer's gotta promote, right?

The cat broke the desk top computer. She threw up on the keyboard. Bye bye keyboard. #1 son told me he will give us a keyboard for it, but he hasn't given it to us yet. I'm going to call him for a status check when I finish sending this blog from, uh, somewhere else.

I defy one of my fictional heroes to have a suckier week than having all their computers broken. I'm in serious withdrawal.

Oh, that's why I'm not answering email if youv'e tried to email me in the past couple of days. I imagine my email box has filled up by now.

The kids think I'm a computer jinx. They want to ban me from their computers for life. My fingers are crossed that #1son will fix one of my computers tonight. If not...woe woe is me.



Lisabet Sarai said...

Alas, Ashley, computers were put on earth to frustrate us. They always seem to know exactly when you need them most, and that is when they crap out.

However, you should easily be able to get yourself a new keyboard.

Cats are definitely a computer hazard. Every six months or so we have to dismantle our keyboards and vacuum out the accumulated hair!

Good luck!


Ashley Ladd said...

LOL, Lisabet. I love my cats so I'll put up with vacuuming the fur and buying the occasional keyboard. But I'm going to look for a keyboard cover!