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Cougars and cubs

Is it true that all boys fantasize about older women? Who remembers the classic movie, The Graduate, when Dustin Hoffman drooled over Anne Bancroft? And what is the appeal on both sides? As a kid, boys are naturally attracted to the mystique of older women, fantasizing about them and creating imaginary erotic scenarios.
A lot of factors go into OW/YM relationships. Sex drive and its peak is one of them. It’s a proven fact that women reach their sexual peak at a much later age than men do. So a young stud, with a great package, whose sexual prowess is definitely something to write home about, is always appealing to a woman who is finally coming into her own sexually.
They have a lot of names—cubs who play with cougars, boy toys, yummy young’uns—take your pick. But whatever the term, these studs are hot, appealing, and sexually inventive. They can take you places where you never thought you could go.
For the younger man, sex with a woman who knows what she’s doing is definitely appealing. While being the teacher in a relationship can have its appeal, it doesn’t have the same appeal for everyone. And the younger men I’ve talked to (ssh! Our secret!) tell me older women are more receptive to more inventive sex.
There’s a mental component also. For the most part, younger men find older women more interesting, more exciting, better conversationalists , because let’s face it. What do you do during “recovery time”? Or when you’re not in bed? They tell me it’s nice to have someone who can discuss something beside the headlines in US and PEOPLE.
I have a very close friend sho is fifteen years older than her husband and was willing to share some of the more intimate details of her life. She says a man her age would never be able to satisfy her sexually the way her husband does, never be able to keep up with her outside the bedroom (she is a very active person), and never be willing to explore new adventures with her, sexual and otherwise. She says their marriage just gets better every year, and as an observer, I totally agree.
What do you think? Older woman/younger man? Older man/younger woman? Same age?
Leave me your comments and tell me what you think about it all.

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Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...


I've never slept with anyone my own age. Always preferred older women, the'yre more forgiving I've found and more open to experimentation.

And when I say "I'm giving you a part of my heart" they don't freak the fuck out.

Unless they're married. *snicker*