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TEB at Romantic Times Convention


Romantic Times Convention 2009

Some of us at Total-E-Bound were lucky enough to make the trip to Orlando, Florida for the 2009 Romantic Times Convention, which took place in April.

Best selling authors joined with their readers and fans, aspiring authors and industry to celebrate romance fiction at its best in the USA.

For us it was a very positive experience, giving us the opportunity to meet a number of our US authors (and even one of our Aussy authors who had flown in for the event).

We were fortunate to have a number of our authors at the event - Brynn Paulin, Desiree Holt, C.S. Chatterly, Dakota Rebel, Alexis Fleming, Lyn Cash, Stella Price, Isabelle Drake, Amanda McIntyre, Ashlyn Chase, Taige Crenshaw. We also had Carol Lynne and Summer Jordan visit with us. It was simply wonderful to catch up with those that we had met in the previous year, or to meet others for the first time. Thanks go to all of our lovely authors for helping to make the event a success for us.

TEB had stands at the eBook Expo on Wednesday, Club RT on Thursday and Friday and the Print Book Signing on Saturday.

Pic 1 - 3 LtoR TEB eBookfair stand, Brynn Paulin and Desiree Holt, Dakota Rebel

LtoR: At the eBook Fair - Alexis Fleming, Ashlyn Chase, Dakota Rebel

LtoR: At the Print book Fair - Lyn Cash and Carol Lynne, Stella Price, Taige Crenshaw

We also held a BBQ get-together for our authors, which gave us the opportunity to get to know them all a bit better. It was lovely to actually meet with people that we work with every day.

LtoR Pic 1 - Isabelle Drake, Brynn Paulin and Dakota Rebel, Pic 2 - CS Chatterly and her hubby, Pic 3 - Me, Summer Jordan and CS Chatterly

LtoR: Summer Jordan, Desiree Holt


Jamie Hill said...

Great pictures. Looks like everyone had fun.

Thanks for sharing!


Kim Dare said...

Great to be able to put some faces to all the names!

Hope everyone had a fantastic time.

Kim Dare.

Ashley Ladd said...

Looks like you had great fun. I'm sorry I missed RT this year (again) but I'm happy to put faces to all the names, just like Kim said.

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to met some of the authors and TEB at the booksigning!

Chris Roberts
Romance Reviews Today

Lyn Cash said...

Jamie, Ash, Kim, et al - would love to have met the rest of you!

*wave for Chris*

Alex and I had overslept that morning (as in woke up at 10:15, had to be in our chairs at 10:45, and it was either have coffee and go in our jammies, or go without makeup but with at least the knickers and a no-caffinated smile). It was still a terrific day to be at RT.