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The Work Area

As a cover artist in the e-publishing industry, I spend a lot of time at the computer. So, my work area is important to me. I need physical space for my pen and tablet set, and I need virtual space for all the large files I create and modify. For me, that has always meant a fairly sizable desk and some large external hard drives and piles of CDs or DVDs, all of which further meant a stationary work place.

Earlier this year, my office furniture started falling apart. The keyboard shelf that holds my keyboard, mouse, and piles of papers began falling off the slider at one end, dumping everything to the floor, and the left arm of my chair fell off after years of supporting me as I shifted, leaving pointy things to jab into my thigh.

My fiancé insisted I get new office furniture, but to be honest, I'd rather use this opportunity to create a less confined work area for myself.

So instead of buying new furniture, I bought myself a laptop.

I figure, this way, I can work anywhere I like, at the kitchen table for instance, or even in bed.

But what of my virtual space? What about all the external hard drives hooked up to my computer? What about the binders of CDs within arm's reach at my desk?

Well, I've started storing more of my files on my Time Capsule, which I can access wirelessly from the laptop. I've also started looking into online backup systems and "superclouds." Superclouds are perfect for a mobile workspace. Should your house burn down or should your computer go kablooey, all of your files remain untouched, safe in the sky, all snug in your supercloud. I love it!

So I'm slowly working towards a more mobile work area, a process that will take a while as I have so many large files that need to be moved.

But in the end, I think I'll be very happy once I've completed the process and once the old office furniture is off and away, sitting at the Goodwill drop off station, ready to be repaired and offered to someone else who needs it more than I ever did.


Elle Parker said...

Oh how interesting - I started to read this, thinking I was going to get another description and maybe a photo of someone's work space, something I always dearly love to see...

And instead, I got to read about your new sense of freedom! Cool perspective on one of my pet topics.

Elle Parker

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