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Writer Self Care

The importances of self care for many authors is something I'm beginning to see the lack of. Kate Douglas told me that the more entrenched I get into this field, the more I'll be surrounded by peers who are otherwise unhealthy. It's ot our career per se, nor is it our home life, though those two factors certainly contribute. I'm getting sick now, (as o fthis writing) partially because of my desire to work until I pass out, partially from stress from RWA (Damn Sascha, that was like half a year ago LOL!) and then trying to get edits done, workshops taught, pay bills, find money, raise money, plus the conference calls.

And more.

All while writing.I am fairly healthy at my age and most people around my age should be. It's too easy to stay healthy honestly. But I'm seeing a LOT of people (not just authors) who are overweight and unhappy. Undisciplined as well.I'm seeing them want surgeries that even though

I know are fairly safe, still cause a lot of shock to the body and frankly, I'm not happy about having my Dominant suffer becaues she took what "I" perceive to be the easy way out. My Mom did this almost three years ago and it scared the FUCK out of me because of the procedure even though she told me the details of it, she HAS a nursing background and is a medical fetishist. I didn't give in and "let her" do it without bitching, I just accepted that she is doing what she felt best, and thankfully she had only a few complications and is doing well.I'm not knocking surgery.

I'm just saying there are more cost effective alternatives out there for most people.The problem as I see it, is a lack of proper information about nutrition and the human body. So, let's give you a short primer on how the body works.

1. The body intakes food for fuel to keep it running. Eat enough and you can accomplish your daily routine and feel emotionally stable most of the time. Fluctuations occur but that's nature and partially out of our control.

2. The better quality the fuel, the better our bodies run. Yes, I drink a LOT of alcohol. Guess what? When I moved from Texas to California, I swore off cheap beer. And cheap liquor. My hangovers hurt MUCH less than yours. The same is true with your meats. Not only is it good for the animals to be processed humanely, but it's good for us. We're at the top of the food chain and should act like it.

3. The human body can kick out waste and unnatural stuff--mostly. Partially hydrogenated oils, food dyes, refined sugars, bad carbs, our bodies can "mostly" kick out. As we get older, we need to refine the machine. Think of it this way, you don't put crappy fuel in your 1968 Mustang to make it purr, you put in the best. You tinker with the engine and tweak the parts. Your diet should reflect this. Most of us do nothing but maintain the same unhealthy habits we had growing up. What becomes of the stuff our bodies can't kick out? It becomes FAT. Not cellulite. That's a made up term in my opinion.

4. To aid the body of ridding itself of waste, we need to drink PLENTY of water. 8 glasses or more a day. I'm guilty of breaking this rule and i"m fixing it. It's tough. I fucking HATE the taste of water by now, but if I want to continue to put weight on that I'll KEEP (I'm underweight by 10 pounds still) and maintain the gym form I'm working hard for, I'll fix it. GOOD water, too.

5. Best fuel source? Whey protein and good quality meat. If you're a vegan, "I" can't help you. But there are those who CAN, and they're NOT named Atkins, Sears or South Beach.

6. To continue ridding the body of waste, GREENS are neccesary. Again I'm kinda guilty on this one too. Here's an idea. Steak Salad. Cut up some carrots, arugula (green that has a peppery taste) and radishes along with cucumbers. Grill up a steak with a bit of salt and pepper, cut into strips and palce on the salad. Dress with a light vinegarette. Serve with red wine. The polyphenols in the red wine are antioxidants, the greens kick out the day's waste, the steak gives you a protein boost. The Radish and cucumber are cooling. Listen to me on this one. I'm from Texas.

7. Eat six times a day. 3 large meals, three smaller ones. Not HUGE and tny, but decent sized portions. The body functions better with a steady supply of fuel to draw on.7A. Fruit smoothies. Frozen fruit, strawberries, peanut butter, yogurt, cherries, throw in a scoop of whey protein and you get vitamin C, protein, good fats, digestive aids, blood builders (Cherries) and antioxidants along with a kick from the whey protein that helps keep you going until your next meal. Who doesn't like smoothies?

8. Quit counting calories. Seriously, you probably don't eat enough as it is. Especialy if you're a writer, you probably eat like shit. If you're in tech support, yoru diet is MUCH worse. For most of us, it's not the uqantity anyway that's the problem. It's the quality. See above.

9. If you think a surgery is going to fix your diet, think again. If you lack discipline before hand, what makes you think you'll get it after the doctor has done his job? Seriously. I expect flack on this one. I'll take it. Sometimes it takes an extreme measure to get results.

10. Look into alternative methods of self care. Acupuncture is something I'm swearing by. Again stubborn Texas alpha hear speaking. But you probably have other skills you can use to barter for a massage therapist, (writers all need one of these!) or some chiropractic work.

11. GREEN TEA. See the part about red wine and quality. Liptons won't cut it. Honest Tea will. Best? My GF was drinking .99 cent tea she picked up in chinatown, roughly 10 cups a day and lost 40 pounds. And KEPT IT OFF.

12. This is most important. If you don't love yourself, you won't stick to any diet. Any fad. You will destroy your body and piss off your loved ones. Get up right now, don't stop to comment, get up and go to the mirror and tell yourself, "Self, I love you." Then come back here, comment and SHOW YOURSELF that you love yourself. It's tough to set up a schedule to eat, but if you eat every three hours, you'll see results almost immediately. Pounds may not melt away, but they won't stay on as easily either. You'll get more done. You'll feel better. For those of you who are caffiene addicts, I understand. I have ONE pepsi a week. I'm down that much thank GODDESS.

Of course I only switched it out for mango black tea I drink in gallons, but it's good for me. And less caffiene. A little before a workout helps the mind dull pain so I can theoretically lift more. Plus, caffiene helps cleanse in small doses. Worried about my drinking? Don't be. Alcohol also helps clean out the blood stream of plaque and cholesterol raising things. See #2 and remember, moderation. Hell, even I've got that one down.

Lastly, and do a search for ABSDIETPOWER. That's the acronym for their formula for healthy eating. Guess what, it's got some pretty good stuff on there. They have a version for women too, guess what? IT's the SAME for men! Now you won't get big or gain a lot of muscle following my suggestions or the ABSDIETPOWER way of living. That requires real strength training. By real I mean actually breaking a sweat. But you will live healthier, happier and your loved ones will thank you.

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hollie said...

I'm trying to lose the weight i gained stopping smoking. your right i need to eat more often if i ever really expect to change much. but i'm learning SLOWLY i've even given up caffine i just need to work on the alchol and remebering to have breakfast and i'll be more than half way there