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The Girls are back in Cattle Valley!

Cattle Valley is a wonderful little gay-friendly town in Wyoming, created by the talented Carol Lynne. She's written a very successful line of books about the handsome, hunky men in the town. Last fall, I released Cattle Valley: Truth or Dare, the first lesbian book in the series, and was very pleased with the response. Carol's faithful readers supported my book even though lesbian titles weren't their cup of tea. But I'd incorporated some of Carol's men into my book, and everyone wanted to know just what that crazy Nate was up to. *G*

The second female title is now available. Cattle Valley: Fool's Gold, was released yesterday at TEB. And the really exciting news is that both titles are set to be released in one print book, coming July 13. It's going to be called About the Girls. I'm very pleased about that.

Here's a look at the newest title, Fool's Gold:

Adeline Murphy believes the Apple Valley Inn is the only thing waiting for her in Cattle Valley, and it's up to Melissa Danes to change her way of thinking.

Adeline Murphy heads to Cattle Valley, Wyoming looking for a fresh start. She's invested every dime she has and purchased the local bed and breakfast. Arriving in town with a cranky girlfriend in tow, Addie's devastated to discover the inn has been vandalised. With the property uninhabitable, she has no source of income and a mounting stack of bills.

Melissa Danes' quiet Cattle Valley existence is shaken by the arrival of the beautiful Addie and her surly tagalong, Chloe. She's captivated by Addie, but stays away thinking Addie and Chloe are in a committed relationship. When she discovers differently, all bets are off.

Mel discovers Addie has several barriers to cross, including repairing the damaged inn and her even more wounded self-esteem. When Mel looks at Addie she sees more than Fool's Gold, but she needs to find a way for Addie to see it too.

Note: This novel is a stand alone title which includes characters created by Carol Lynne in the Cattle Valley Series. Visit the Cattle Valley website for more information on this bestselling series!

Erotic Horizon Reviews says:

"FOOL'S GOLD was a new genre for me, I have never read a F/F books and if there was one author I was going to trust to hold my hand and lead me through this, it was going to be Jenna Byrnes.

The book itself is a stand along book, however to understand how important the supporting cast are to the general infrastructure of Cattle Valley – you need to read the Cattle Valley series.

Bottom line- I must admit i liked it, not only for the fact that I made it pass the smut. I liked the opposite attract theme that would eventually gel the main protags together – I liked the fact that despite a compact size story Ms. Byrnes gave us a rounded picture of the characters we met, she didn’t force the book with overly emotional language or even funny moment to fill gaps. She gave us a visit into the live of two women who met at a time when they were not only of importance to each others life, but without even realising it – needed each other at that phase of their lives."

Read an excerpt or buy the book here!

Jenna Byrnes
Page Scorching Erotic Romance
Jenna on Fire:


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hey, Jenna,

I love the way that Cattle Valley has taken on a life of its own. And I'm thrilled that it's a place that's not just gay-friendly, but supportive to women loving women as well.

Congratulations on the latest book, and double on the print pub of the pair.


Jude Mason said...

Gay friendly! An understatement if I ever heard... err... read one. This is an awesome book, Jenna, congratulations and I know it will do well.


Jenna Byrnes said...

Thanks Lisabet and Jude, appreciate the support!