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It started with a kiss.

I am often asked what I enjoy writing about the most and you know, that is a very difficult question to answer. It is something that may well vary from story to story but when I think about it there is something that I enjoy writing about more than anything else.

It's something that fills me with glee when I realise it is time to write it, it's something that is always challenge but always a pleasure and fills me with great satisfaction and what is it?

The first kiss.

Now, between you and me, I'm working on a story right now for the Over The Moon anthology. Shhh, don't tell anyone okay, it's between just you and me. Anyhow, this story is something completely new to me, I've never dealt with a werewolf before but I have to say he is behaving very well and I am enjoying writing him.

My favourite part of the story I have written so far has to be the first kiss. It's a kiss that happens in the midst of chaos and really takes both characters by surprise. But as I am still working on that story, you'll have to wait to see that first kiss in print.

However, here are a selection of first kisses from my other Total-E-Bound releases.

Janet and Guy's first kiss from Travel Delight:

“The view is amazing.” Guy’s voice broke into her thoughts and she looked from the window towards him. He was looking at her, not the view out of the window, and as their gazes met and melded, Janet stopped thinking and just reacted. She pressed her lips to his.

They were hot and hard, but they gave way like soft butter as the pressure from her lips built. His hand cupped her face, gently holding her in place, subtly taking charge. Their lips parted for a moment, and she drew a breath, a moment of panic hitting as her sensible side exerted itself. She had just kissed a stranger and passionately at that. But before she could pull from his touch or further think out things, his lips recaptured hers, and his tongue begged entrance to her mouth.

She surrendered once more, her mind disengaged, her lust aroused. His hand that still warmly cupped her cheek slipped to cup her head and tangle her hair in his fingers. Her hands moving from shocked compliance in her lap to active duty running up and down his chest. She traced his hard contours and openly moaned into his mouth.

Jack and Emma's First kiss in Spiced Vanilla:

He pushed me until my bum was level with the table. His legs rested between my thighs, his arms around my waist, and he lifted me onto the table, with no outward sign of exertion. I wanted to run my hands up and down his shoulder muscles. They bulged so magnificently, I guessed that baking built good upper body strength. It must have done for him to lift me with so little effort.

It was strange how his next action seemed so much more intimate, so much more sexual than anything that had gone before. As he rested between my thighs, he cupped my cheeks with his strong, slightly sticky hands and leant in for a long, hard and demanding kiss.

It pulled my desire through me and I found it all to be displayed there, where our lips touched and met. He could feel how turned on I was. I smelled my own heavy, sexual musk and I was sure he could too, how desperate I was for this, for him, and I did not feel embarrassed. I felt empowered as he forced his tongue between my lips and I pressed my pelvis up, longing to feel his fingers, his tongue or his cock thrust inside me there.

And one more 'cos I like to spoil you!
Tim and Jane's first kiss in Secret Surprise.

It was cold and damp out but lovely and cosy inside. I pulled off my coat and left it on the back of my chair. When Tim returned, he sat down next to me and took my hand in his again, joining us below the table.

“It’ll be over in a minute,” he said and gently squeezed my fingers.

“Oh right, how much do I owe you?”

“A kiss.” He smiled, cheekily.

“Wow, no wonder this cafĂ© is popular!” I quipped, but my pink cheeks gave away how surprised and nervous I felt. “Now, what kind of kiss?” I stalled for time, it seemed ridiculous that I felt so worried about a little lip-to-lip action when he’d seen me fingering myself to orgasm. Somehow though, a kiss seemed far more intimate.

“A slow, sweet, gentle kiss,” he whispered against my ear.

“Oh, well, yes, that seems reasonable.” I turned to look at him and found his face turned to me. His soft lips were less than an inch from mine. I took a deep calming breath then pushed my head forward just as much as it took to press my smile against his.

His lips gave sensually, and sparks of passion flew around my body. My lips heated to the point that, like fingers grabbing something hot, I had to move them, to give myself relief.

I palpitated my lips against his and his moved in rhythm with them. His hand tightened around mine and his tongue touched the back of my bottom lip, making me open wider to accept more.

A loud but polite cough pulled us apart.

I bit my lip and looked down as Tim moved his hand from mine to take hold of the plates and teacups.

“Enjoy your breakfast.” The middle aged lady smiled warmly and I muttered a “thank you.” I did not look up from the plate in front of me.

“You have the most wonderful lips,” Tim whispered then took a sip from his mug, “Two sets of wonderful lips, in fact. I can’t wait to kiss the others.”

I looked up at him, my eyes wide with shock. I couldn’t believe he was talking like that in this place, in public.

I love that first spark of lust that blossoms in the first kiss, I love the combination of nerves and hesitation and pure joy as their lips meet. I love the first kiss.

My own first kiss happened in a garden late at night pressed up against a tree trunk. He was taller than me and I felt overwhelmed by his body and the kiss took me by surprise at first. I wasn't sure I got what all the fuss was about but after trying it another time or three, I found the attraction.

Do you remember your first kiss?


Desiree Holt said...

My first kiss was something out of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. I was twelve, hardly aware of sex (that's how long ago it was) but I lusted, as only a twelve year old can, for a gorgeous boy with dimples. Jack. I can still se him. We were all at a Valentine's party at my best friends,. a bock from my house, and lucky me, Jack asked to walk me home. We held hands all the way, and I still remember feeling unfamiliar tingles at his touch. When we got to my porch, he pulled me toward him with all the bravado of a twelve year old, put his arms around me, and pressed his lips to min. Our mouths opened slightly (very daring for twelve-year-olds at that time)...and that's when the trouble hit. you see, Jack and I both wore braces, and they gave a whole new meaning to the words lip lock. Embarrassingly, I had to ring my doorbell and it took my father and a pair of pliers to separate us. Poor Jack nearly ran away in humiliation, but yay! After the next party he walked me home again and this time we knew how to handle things. But it's a kiss I have never forgotten.

AKM Miles said...

I believe mine would be somewhere in the late 60's. I was taller. We were walking on this old country road close to his house whle our parents played cards. You know how old country roads have the ruts with the tall grass center. He stood on that so he could reach. It was very sweet. His name was Eddie. Aw...

Nadia Aidan said...

Mine was when I was 12? I was at summer camp. I was leaving early because I was not having a good time. The only bright spot was this sexy guy (probably not as sexy as I imagined him back then) named Blair. It was so whirlwind because I was at this campfire, my mom was waiting for me off to the side somewhere and then there was Blair and I trying to sneak off so that the campers and counselors around the fire didn't see us, and so that my mom didn't catch us.
It was so quick, but it was sweet and of course almost 20 years later I haven't forgotten.

victoriablisse said...

Wow Desiree,that is a first kiss and a half.

AKM -awww, that is sweet :)

Nadia -a stolen kiss is somehow all the sweeter :)

And I was 17 when I had my first kiss!