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Kentucky Vacation

I’m late. I know I’m late, but I do have an excuse – I could even get a parent to sign it if necessary. I’m actually in rural Kentucky with very limited cell and internet service. My husband and I have taken a few days a vacation and, since he is a bourbon drinker, we decided to “do” the Bourbon Trail. I was thrilled, because not only would this mean free tastings, but also hotel sex. As an extra added bonus, my best friend from high school lives near Frankfort and this would give us a chance to reacquaint ourselves.
Karen and I were in chorus together and were so close we finished each other’s sentences – really – not just in a cliché manner. We were sweet and innocent – okay, I was sweet and innocent – really. Now, I’m a proud and happy kinkster who enjoys BDSM and the occasional swinging. I warned my husband that we’d have to tone it down when we were with Karen and her husband so as not to shock or offend her.
LITTLE DID I KNOW, she’s a bigger kinkster than I am! To make a long story short, we are having an absolutely lovely time here in Kentucky and I am anxious to get back to the reunion. I hope you all will forgive not only my lateness, but also my brevity. Next month, if you’d like, I’ll post of few more details and some pictures. Thank you all for your understanding.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Marie,

It sounds like there's a germ of a story there, in your relationship to your old friend and her hubby...!

By the way, you're excused for being late ;^)