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My First Time

Well hello there. I've worried about what to write about and I guess it's going to come down to my current thoughts. Reviews. I've been lucky since I started writing in 2007. They've been 95% favorable. That's pretty good. But I've recently gotten a scathing one and I gotta be honest, it hurt like hell. I know all the things they say about reviews for anything, writing, acting, music, etc. It's only one person's opinion and they're like buses, there'll be another one in a few minutest. But, it's personal, you know? When someone takes something that I slaved over and trashes it, and puts it out there for others to read, and possibly think that this is the right opinion, whew!

So, how about you all? Had bad ones? Hurt? I now you've had great ones. I've read them and agree with them. This is a great group of authors and I'm privileged to be among you. Stories about reviews?

Know the ones I really like? The ones from readers. I know the ones from the review places are the ones that most people go by and they are so very essential. But, oh my, it's the fan who writes that I've made a difference in their life or that they laughed or cried or it just made them happy. That's what feeds my soul. (And keeps me going.)

I have a new Lust Bite coming out at TEB next month called Bought and Paid For. And I am totally thrilled to have Love, Jamie coming out in print. That makes me really happy. I'll have to check and see about a sequel. Do they go over well at TEB? Is it something people like? Course, my mind goes to Carol and I think, oh yeah, lots of them. So, maybe I answered my own question.

I've not done this I said, so I don't know if I'm supposed to stay around tomorrow or not. I'm writitng this ahead of time. I have to work tomorrow for a friend. It's a garden tour thing and I've taken all the pictures for it. I'm a photographer and this is something I do every year. It's nice as it's for charity and...I get to tramp around in the best gardens in town and get gorgeous shots of their flowers. I'm allergic to fresh flowers, so I get my beauty fix this way. It works out well for all.

I will check in and answer any questions or comments that come in, I promise...just can't promise exactly when I'll get that answer. Maybe the next day when I'm recovering from all the work tomorrow.

So, what about reviews? Do you ignore them all? Are you as anal as I am and keep all of them, or as many as I can find? Do you still get a thrill when a really good one comes up? Does it bother you when a not so good one comes along? Do you worry about who's reading them and what they are thinking of you? Or can you let it roll off, like the proverbial duck, and go on? I'm interested.

Thanks for letting me stop in and I promise to answer comments. Now I'm going to try to save this and have it pop up tomorrow as it is supposed to! I'll put a picture on from this year's tour. See you all.


***love is love***

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