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Sexed Down Summer

My son is officially done being a Sophomore, and my sexed down summer has begun. What does a sexed down summer mean, you ask? And even if you didn't ask, I'm still going to tell you. It means:

I'll now close my office door.

I won't read my stories aloud when I edit, I'll whisper.

I won't play my loud.

I won't loud.

I won't lounge around in my sultry sexy lingerie.

I will need to be prepared to chauffeur and be interrupted at all different times throughout the day. Especially during the most heated moments of a sex scene.

I'll blush more as I write sex scenes. (I don't know why, but when my son's home it seems to happen)

My cabana boys will have to sneak in and lower their voices. I mean, they can't stay away for the whole summer, you know?

I'll have to conduct myself in an appropriate manner. *sigh*

Any chance of quiet reading time is now over.

I won't practice the heated dialogue aloud.

I won't be popping in a movie w/ hotties for added inspiration.

Other such inspirational activities will cease.

So, yeah, I'll be sexxing it down for the summer. But come September - look out :)

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~Ann Cory
Author of contemporary and paranormal - Seduction Style


Jude Mason said...

Whimper, limit the cabana boys?! No loud music? No singing?

Oh my GAWD!

Ann how will you survive? How will you create your special brand of sultry smut for your fans?

Hand to forehead. What will we all do?

Snicker! Have a great summer, lady. Son will have friends to go play with and you'll have your writing time, just not as much for a couple of months. Enjoy the time with him if you can.


Lisa Anderson said...

Ann, so sorry for you lack of Sounds to me like your son needs to go off to summer camp for a week or two. HA HA! Seriously, enjoy them while you can they grow up way to fast as it is.

As for the sex, put a lock on the office door, apply soundproofing to the walls, gag the cabanna boys, get headphones with an extra long cord for the movies (think Rob Lowe & Demi Moore in "About Last Night") and whisper those really hot lines, no one will be the wiser. Problem solved! Oh, and there is always "Calgon, take me away!"

Have a great summer!


Caffey said...

Hi Ann! Don't laugh, I actually clicked the pic of the button, thinking I'd get a movie to go with it, LOL.

My both are young adult...but still home since its harder to move out financially now, but I do love having them home still but too love when they are at work or out, LOL. So I don't think you should plan on when that empty nest will happen that you'll be able to do that all again because who knows when that will be :)

I so loved visiting the site yesterday! The blog working now? I shall be going over there again to check it out! Love that moon and green color with the browns there on your header! I got to see if you have a banner to add to my blog to link others over there! Its fab Ann!

Ann Cory said...

Lol - Thanks Jude :) Yeah, no my 16 year old doesn't want to hang out with me, lol. Well, maybe a little here and there. We play Soul Caliber together and sometimes watch a movie. But I can't give up them cabana boys!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Ann Cory said...

Thanks Lisa :) Honestly I do enjoy hanging out w/ my son - but he's getting older now and less interested in hanging out w/ mom. I guess the cabana boys will have to keep me company :) Aww shucks, LOL!

Ann Cory said...

Hi Cathie! I dread the day he leaves. I will have terrible empty nest feelings. Even the thought of it brings me to tears. We have a great relationship. I just don't get anything done for 3 months, LOL!

I'm so glad you like the new site :) I love it. I should have a banner at the end of the month and I'll email it over to you then :)

Thanks for stopping by hon!! *hugs*

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Ann,

I'm sure that you'll manage to indulge occasionally, even with your young man around. Secret sex is hotter anyway!

I liked the excerpt. Too bad office work is rarely so stimulating!