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Sorry I'm late...

Good morning - at least it's morning here in Florida. I apologize for posting late. I've had a cold and was doing long overdue cleaning when it hit me. What day is this? Oh! My day at the Hot Spot. Immediately I turned on my computer and went to the blog so I could make my post. Then I sat here for several minutes with my hands poised over the keyboard, searching my mind furiously for something to write that would amuse and entertain.

And I realized I had nothing to say that I thought would be interesting for people. I could post a review of one of my books, but then, there are already reviews on my website and on my author page. I could post pictures of guys, but there are lots of those too. Should I rant about e-book piracy? It's an issue that really really pisses me off and I wish I could go onto those sites and yell at all those e-book stealers, telling them how they're making it harder and harder for authors to earn a living. And they really don't care. Plus, all we authors are upset about this and doing what we can to get our books off those sites.

So I guess I'm just writing random thoughts. Life is what it is from moment to moment rather than what the ideas in my head or my feelings at any given moment tell me it is. Practically, I've finished edits on two pieces, finished writing a work that had been over two years in progress because really, my heart just demanded that I write the White Tigers series first, and I'm glad for that. All that's going on now is I'm vacuuming, dusting, watching one of my cats eat a lizard she caught and brought to us as a gift so we would be proud of her, and then another one of the cats missed the litter box, lol, so I have to clean it up and then I'll probably have some breakfast. I'm also reading a book called Crooked Cucumber: The Life and Zen Teachings of Shunryu Suzuki, who is one of my heroes and I've been drawing out reading this book since last August because I don't want it to end.

I wish I had something exciting to tell you but I don't. I had ideas that once I was a published author, somehow things get exciting. Sometimes they do. Having titles go into print and receiving my copies in the mail is a wonderful feeling. Getting a good review or receiving a note from a reader telling me how much she loves the White Tigers is incredibly gratifying. And then I need to do the food shopping or put in a wash. Maybe next time I'll have something that fits my idea of interesting to share and I'm about to post this and wondering, gee what will people think of this strange random expression of my thoughts? In any case, if you've read this far, I guess it's been interesting enough and I do appreciate it. Take care, Sedonia

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