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Writing is hard work

Writing is hard work.

Don't get me wrong. I love it. My family would probably tell you I'm obsessed with it.

I've been writing since I was six years old and I've also known since that time that I wanted to be a writer. At first I wrote short stories with flying Sphinxes and major disasters for my dad. I was a daddy's girl.

Later, I discovered Harlequin and Silhouette romances. I devoured them by the shopping bags full. The new releases monthly weren't enough for me, so I went to used bookstores in downtown Cincinnati and bought literally shopping bags full.

When I was in college I started writing my first romance on a rare weekend when I was caught up on my studies.

I became a writing machine. Characters pestered me all day and night. Everything that happened to me, that I saw and heard became story fodder. I'm sure that's not unusual for writers. Be careful what you say around us. My kids found out the hard way. They roll their eyes at me a lot.

Lately, I'm getting burned out. I don't want to be. Remember, it's not just writing, but editing and promoting. That's a ton of work and I also hold a full-time job as a manager of a very busy customer service department.

I thought about giving up writing - for a few seconds. But I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather do. Should I abandon them, the characters in my head would drive me crazy. I'd miss the writing process.

I can't give it up. Don't worry.

But I need a vacation. Somewhere cold and snowy would be nice. If I can't go that far away, I'll settle for somewhere warm and tropical like the beaches across town. Or maybe I'll throw myself in a vat of milk chocolate and indulge.

Summer is upon us in Florida and I finally have vacation time again. I think I will go to the beaches and I'll soon I'll be able to take my new summer release, an anthology with several other awesome authors, "Summer Seduction". That should revive me.

Until that comes out, don't miss my latest release, "Caught in the Middle" and my next release June 29th "Simon Says" a contemporary, M/M, suspense, comedy.



Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Ashley,

I know what you mean about getting burned out. Seriously, I think it's the promotion, more than the writing. But it's all part of the game if you want to be published.

Have a great summer!


Ashley Ladd said...

I think it's the promotion, too. But you're right. It's part of the game.

You have a great summer, too.

Lyn Cash said...

I highly recommend house-sitting for another writer friend who goes on vacation - LOL. I'd posted today's blog post before reading yours then thought oh, case Ash doesn't read yours, go comment and tell her. GO to another writer's home. It's like being home only it isn't. If they have a pool, even better - lol. I was up early and to bed late, writing every second I could.

Yeah, I know. Difficult to take off work when in your situation, but I thought I'd pitch the idea.

:) Hugs, woman. Been there, done that. You are too good a writer to give up, which you wouldn't anyway. I just thought I'd offer you a swift kick to the pants and a cyber margarita or something "just in case" you needed or wanted one.

~ Sunny Lyn