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Been missing writing

I haven't had much time to write these last couple of weeks because a tornado ripped through our neighborhood in Georgia recently and a large tree limb went right through the roof, making a big hole! We'd been in our house in Florida and arrived to find the yard looking as if a battle had been fought in it and a large tree on the roof entwined in the power lines. Yikes!

It's a durn good thing we got there when we did because that very night and all the next day, torrential rain poured down non-stop, and the entire house would have been flooded. As it was, my loving and very brave man went up onto the roof in the middle of the night during the rainstorm and secured the large tarp we borrowed from a neighbor, over the hole so that the water would stop pouring in behind the refrigerator.

All that and we were on our way to Virginia to scatter his mother's ashes in the Chesapeake bay as per her last wishes. Wow! There is no time to write when all this is going on.

The trip to Virginia went well. It was beautiful actually, and the group of us who went were all very moved to have fulfilled Florence's last wishes. (My story, Yin Yang, in the Fabulous Brits anthology is dediacted to her memory because she passed away a few weeks before I wrote the story.)

The roof was repaired while we were away and Mitch did the repairs to the inside of the house which were miraculously minor. He is a good craftsman and you can't even tell anything happened now.

Now that everyting is repaired and at rest, I'm praying that the week to come is nice and quiet - the kind of quiet we writers need in order to bring forth our stories. I love writing so much and the creative flow, the time I spend with my characters is gratifying and sweet. I'm hoping that I'll have time to work on the final installment of the White Tigers series, a sequel to Men of Phuket: Tongue-Thai'd which continues Ryu and Nat's story. Well, that is, unless people also want a story about the delicious, michevous twins who appear in the other stories!

In any case, thanks for letting me share. Hugs, Sedonia


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Sedonia,

Glad to hear that you and yours survived the tornado and the aftermath without too much damage.

Looking forward to your next White Tiger book. You know who to ask if you have questions about Thailand...!


Sedonia Guillone said...

Tanks, Lisabet! And actually, I will probably have many questions for you.