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Covers that refect the book.

I have missed two months of posts because June and May have been wild. But Im back, with a vengence and am SO excited! We have some new covers I havent shown off yet, and while I do that, Im going to talk about the levels of sexy.

While Im a cover artist in my other life, with TEB I find it very easy to just let it go and trust the cover artists they have. I love the artwork that TEB has, always have, and its one of the main reasons why we submitted here. My biggest reason: Levels of sexy. TEB covers are very sexy, but they are always tasteful and reflect a level I think the author wants to portray.

We recently got two covers from TEB and they refect the level of sexy that we were trying to portray with the stories perfectly.

For A Gift of Daybreak, the female lead is very demure, but sexy. Shes the only non venomous snake in a nest of vipers (literally) and is a real child of the desert. Because of this, shes not overtly sexy. No makeup, no wild clothes, just jeans and baithing suits and running clothes. So we wanted something that was sexy, and unassuming, something that could be anybody, that didnt have an idenitiy, because Fajer doesnt really have one until later in the story. As you can see, the cover we received was beautiful, and so close to what we envisioned. We just love it, and the color.

For our forth coming first book in our American Satyrs series, the society they live in is decadence, very proper, but sexy isn't all makeup and dress up. The main female character, Minerva, is a young Satyr princess, and a woman being given over to a man shes never met before. She coddled, and sheltered, and her life revolves around serving her Satyr, but she is a princess, one of the only females that have survived to maturity in the Satyr society. for her glamorous is dresses made of jewels, and a collar fit forever on her neck. We had a specific idea in mind for this book's cover. One where we had the castle (Belvedere Castle in NYC) and a sexy woman that was both glamorous and natural. Isnt it beautiful? We are very happy with this cover. It fits Minerva to a T.

So by now you probably have guessed that Audra and I like women on our covers. Why, when everyone wants to see a hard bodied man on there? Well, its because Audra and I like to focus on our females for the covers. The guys we write arent always muscled, and hard bodied, but the women we write are always beautiful, sexy and natural.

You will also notice we rarely have a face on a cover. Its because we dont want to give the reader a preconcieved notion of the character. The faces we find are rarely, if ever, the characters we envision, so its safer to just do bodies. Though for the Satyrs story, the woman looks very much like Minerva.

So I hope you will check both the books out when they release, and let us know what you think of the Cover to character ratio. Does it really show the character like we want? How do you feel about women on covers? Do you prefer those that are made up to look overly sexy? Or do you like men on the cover all the time, regardless?


Kris Norris said...

great covers ladies! I've yet to see a TEB cover I haven't liked. Congrats on the up coming books and it's great your visions are becoming reality on the cover of your books.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Stella,

Having worked with you on a cover [grin] I know how picky you are! I have to say I love both of the new ones TEB has dreamed up for you. I do think they fit the books, at least as described. Who are the artists? And when are these books being released?

Looking forward to reading...

All the best,

Stella Price said...

hey Lisabet!

LOL you do know me rather well. Well Gift of Daybreak was Natalie Winters, and the new Satyr book was April Martinez, whom I think is doing the full series *excited!*

The last snake book will be out August 10th and the Satyr book Sept. 28th.

Kris: thanks so much! I know I'm a PITA about my covers personally, but the better they look the more I wanna promote them and make promo for them LOL.

Anonymous said...




Suzette said...

I love both covers and though I normally prefer books with men on the cover(just because I love the sexy men) yours are really rather sexy and beautiful.