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Menage-Playing the Game

Well, Desiree and I were surfing the 'Net the other night and it's amazing wehat you can find ut there. I was helping Des with research on her newest novella, looking for more info on menage a trois, and can you believe this? There is a game called Menage!!! Of course, Des immediately grabbed it for her WIP, Intermission, but I thought I'd tell you a ltitle bit about it today. It seems there is a game for everything.

Explore Your Passion with "Menage - The Game""Menage - The Game" is a one of a kind board game designed as an Icebreaker for adult house parties and gatherings. "Menage" can be enjoyed by any adult group interested in promoting a relaxed, erotic party atmosphere and spicing up an otherwise "vanilla" or tame gathering.
"Menage" allows the participants to decide at the beginning of the game just how exciting and physically interactive the game will be allowed to get and what activities are acceptable to the entire group. Playing "Menage" will lead the entire group into a variety of adult activities including drinking, stripping and various erotic situations. The “Mild to Wild” flexibility means that it can satisfy the needs of a variety of adult occasions and party environments.
Like most games, "Menage" has instructions. If you want to actually read them, GREAT. However, if you are like most of us, you just want to pop open the box and start playing.If that is the case, here is the 'quick and dirty' on how to get started:1) Everyone choose a game piece (pawn) and a numbered chip which you will keep throughout the game.2) When it's your turn you roll the two dice (one regular and one 12 sided). The regular die is how many spaces you move, the 12 sided die is who you 'interact' with (the "selected player").3) Move you game piece and do what the space says to do with the selected player. 4) If you land on "Roll the Dice" then you roll the "Party Dice" and do what they say with the selected player.By the end of the game, everyone will probably be naked, relaxed, and having a great time. If not, then change the rules!!!!
Shown below are some of the fun activities that you can expect to perform when playing "Menage".
1. You and your partner kis the selected couple.
2. All players remove one article of clothing
3. Uncover your breasts, i.e., remove all articles of clothing that cover your breasts (or chest for men)
4. Kiss the players of the opposite sex on each side of you (or those closest to you) then go to #6 and perform the action
5. Perform ANY action your partner describes for 30 seconds with the selected player
6. Roll the "Party Dice". You and your partner perform the action on the selected couple for 30 seconds
7. Remove all of your clothing except your panties/briefs and kiss each player of the opposite sex for 15 second each, starting and ending with your partner
8. Tell everyone in the group one of your favorite EROTIC fantasies (30 seconds max)

To find out the rest of them I guess you'll either have to buy the game or let your immagination run wild!!!


Want to buy the game? Check out this link:

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Jenna Byrnes said...

OMG - you have got to be kidding me. Better be a damned close group of friends, or a lot of whiskey involved!

Funny post. Happy 4th!


Jen said...

No kidding. I totally agree with Jenna's post, although you might need both - the very close group of friends AND a ton of alcohol. LOL

Can't wait to see how this works in the book.

Happy 4th everybody!!!

Desiree Holt said...

Thanks for the comments, and Haopy 4th to y'all, too.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Gee, that all sounds so familiar...!!

Fun post, Judith/Desiree. I wonder how sales of the game are going?


Genella deGrey said...

Wow - and I thought playing 'Spin the Bottle' in the 8th grade was scandalous! (Of course, the game taught me what good kissing was.)