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One Girl, Three Guys

Play for Keeps was a blast to write; my house was buried in snow butI had Keera and her two guys to keep her warm. Well, actually--her three guys--if you count the one she had some fun with in a park before running into Dom and Jace.

PLAY FOR KEEPS is out now.

Here's a taste:

Wasn’t ten minutes enough? Where was her mind-blowing orgasm?

Keera rolled to her side and pulled out the directional pamphlet that came discreetly folded up and tucked away in the package with the vibrator. She reread the section for first timers. For the third time.

It wasn’t fair. She’d done everything right.

Sure—it felt damn good, but something was seriously missing. Either that or something was seriously wrong.

She wasn’t about to accept the idea that something was wrong—she’d had lots of decent orgasms before.

Over thinking everything, that had to be the problem.

She’d come damn fast with a total stranger—right in the grass—in a public place.

Now that she considered, most of those orgasms had been a while ago, before she’d been surrounded by toys and sex talk day and night. And bombarded by the notion that she should be a walking talking ad for hot, wild sex twenty-four hours a day.

Somehow, she had to sort this problem out. She grabbed the package again.

The vibrator promised ‘awe-inspiring sensations.’ Where were they? All she felt was a vague sensation, a slow gentle heat filling her pussy. Her whole body tingled, all her nerve endings were sensitive and alert, but that was as far as things went. Where was the rest of it?


She wasn’t turned on, she was irritated and…and…something she couldn’t identify. Whatever it was she wouldn’t label it as a good thing. It was sort of an all-consuming sensation that wouldn’t get better or get worse. It just was.

And whatever it was it wasn’t going away.

And she wasn’t going to take the easy way out and masturbate. Somehow that seemed just too pathetic.

Thoroughly annoyed, Keera slipped the vibrator out and kicked it to the bottom of her sleeping bag. Maybe she’d try it again tomorrow morning but for now she needed to get some fresh air, maybe walk off the lingering tension tugging on her nerves, thanks to the stupid, fucking toy.

The pun wasn’t lost on Keera, but she was too frustrated to laugh as she pulled on her sweatpants, getting ready to slip out of her tent and get some much needed fresh air.

“Hey man, you got any smokes?”

Keera bolted up, holding the tie to her pants with both hands.

What the hell?


Lisabet Sarai said...

Now you've got me curious, Isabelle!

But you've also caught, very well, the fact that sexual excitement depends on more than physical stimulation.

Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Ashley Ladd said...

Good luck with your new release.

Genella deGrey said...

I'm just wondering how loud the toy was - LOL

And Ashley, was your comment directed at Isabelle or Keera?
:D :D :D Get it? RELEASE???

Yeah, I'm a bit twisted today . . .

Crawls back into her writing cave*

Anonymous said...

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