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Remembrance Shared

Okay, so it's the 7th, and I'm late, and I happened to pull the date of Michael Jackson's memorial service. I can't help but celebrate Michael Jackson's music and think of how he affected so many people. I can't help but wonder if and how any of us touch others and thank each of you who have touched my life.

As for me touching anyone, I know I won't get (and don't want - lol) hours of a memorical service. But I do hope one message is clear when all is said and done when it's my time to go: No regrets. Only love.

Thanks to all of you who spend hours sitting at your computers penning words of love, offering insights and perspective for readers (me included) on life, laughter, love. Words that make me think, reflect, speculate, and wonder.

Peace, everybody. Keep working but don't forget your own lives as you strive to touch that of mine and others. Enjoy life. Enjoy one another. Leave your tracks in the sands of time and let your love shine.

~ Sunny Lyn

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