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Rough Ride!

Colorado is generally blessed with gorgeous weather (snow not withstanding!), but last week, an unexpected storm caught us by surprise.
My mom, my sis, and my aunt were all hit by a tornado.
Thankfully, there were no injuries to my family members, but the devastation was horrific. My sister lost six windows. Both of her cars were damaged. Her camper was destroyed, along with all her flowers and lawn pretties.
Sixty-foot trees were uprooted.
Snowplows, dormant for months, were called out to clear the roads of hail! My brother-in-law shoveled hail from the drivway. The picture of the hail (above) was taken 24-hours after the storm.
Looking at my sister, I saw shattered dreams.
What happened next, though, was the true testament to hope and inspiration.
Family and friends came over, without being asked. We grabbed rakes and garbage bags to clean up shards of broken glass. We brought food and water. But most importantly, we brought a can-do attitude and a sense of community.
Really, isn't that what we write about? Isn't that why we read? We want to be swept away by a story of hope, a sense that we're not Lone Rangers in life.
I'm sorry for the loss of property my family endured. I'm profoundly grateful for their safety. And I'm enriched by the opportunity to have been helpful, to see the impact that all of us, working together, can have.
Even in devastation and destruction, the human spirit triumphs.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Sierra,

Sometimes the worst events bring out the best in us, don't they?

Thank heavens no one was hurt!