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The V Spot

Just like making love begins in your head, being in love starts there, too.

I was amazed to find how just how much!

There are four tiny areas of the brain that form a ‘circuit of love.’ Just like we women have that famous ‘G spot’ – the brain has its own kind of G spot, too. The hot spot in our heads is called the VTA. I’m calling it...

The ‘V Spot.’

That little piece of your brain - the V Spot - is teardrop-shaped. When scientists did some magnetic resonance imaging on people who were newly in love, the VTA or V Spot in their brains lit up. It’s the same for people still madly in love twenty years later.

That V Spot in your head is the key reward system in your brain. According to researchers, your V spot becomes activated because you’re trying to win life’s greatest prize – a mate.

But, here’s the catch: Sometimes, love works chemically in the brain like an addiction. We all know the feeling: when romantic love is going well, it’s terrific, but it can be a terrible addiction if it going poorly.

I’m guessing that’s why people kill for love and die for love.

While connecting romantic love to the idea of addiction may sound awful, there are reasons we need or want to be in love, and that’s so we stay together with our mate. Our V Spot – the ventral palladium – is linked with attachment and hormones that decrease stress, so our ‘raphe nucleus’ – another part of the brain – pumps out lots and lots of serotonin, which gives us a sense of calm.

Here’s something I found fascinating:

Researchers studied the brain of the recently heartbroken and found there was all this other activity going on in a part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens, which is a part of the brain strongly associated with addiction. These scientists claim that the brokenhearted showed more evidence of craving – similar to cocaine.

No wonder we want to fall in love – and stay that way – so badly.

They key to staying in love is to get all those chemicals in your body going - keep up that stimulation. Go for lots of hugging and kissing. Touching. Rubbing.

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I think I need to take a cold shower! LOL

I think we’ve all been so in love that it almost hurts. Now, I know why. And I also know why it hurts so much when we fall out of love. If someone tells you it is all in your head, well....they’re right.

Now excuse me while I go and stimulate a few chemicals in my body. (I’m sure my hubby will appreciate it.)

Catherine Chernow

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