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Book 2 in The Sentinels hits Cyberspace

Eight shifters, remnants of a nearly destrioyed pack, now banded together to serve others and seek outcasts like themselves.

Luke Spencer was the first to find his mate, Sierra Hart, in The Edge of Morning. In Night Moves, Luke's brother, Brian, finds his mate in Regan Matthews when she hires ghim to get rid of a stalker. Now meet Kelsey Bryant, a Sentinel vacation at the Spencer cabin in Maine where she meets Mack Renfield, bar owner and shifters, surfrounded by a cloud of lust.


He shrugged. “No place else for them to go. So…do you have a name or are you hiding that, too?”
For a minute, she was tempted to make one up, but realised that was just foolishness. It wasn’t as if he was a criminal. “Kelsey. Kelsey Bryant.”
He extended a hand across the counter. “Mack Renfield.”
The moment their hands touch she felt every muscle in her body contract. The walls of her pussy contracted, and if possible, her nipples hardened even more. The lust that had swept over her in the beginning coiled like a snake low in her belly.
What is going on here? If he’s not a shifter, where is the instant electricity coming from that’s snapping between us?
His hand continued to hold hers, the palm rough and calloused, the skin incredibly warm. Finally, he released her, and she picked up her mug again, hoping he’d ignore the shaking in her own hand. When she looked up, he was staring not at her hand but straight into her eyes.
“I close in an hour,” he told her, his gaze holding hers.
Well, that’s getting right to the point. I guess they don’t beat around the bush up here in Maine.
She realised instantly that the same feelings were gripping him. And he wasn’t telling her his business hours just to give her information. She drained her beer.
“Well, then. That gives me plenty of time for another drink.”
“Sip it slowly. You don’t want to get drunk. Someone might take advantage of you.”
Again that all consuming feeling of lust grabbed her. Was he trying to tell her something? If she was smart, she’d get up, run to her car and get the hell out of there. But smart didn’t enter into what she was feeling. Her body was sending her a message her brain ignored.
“Exactly who would that be?” She met his piercing gaze, seeing the amber darken to a rich gold.
He never looked away. “You never know. Could be me. Would that disturb you?”
Everything about you disturbs me. I’m crazy for sitting here, having this conversation with you—a total stranger—and knowing with a certainty where it’s going to end up.

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