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ConTEXT Weekend

Yes. As if right now I am on the road to Columbus Ohio for the ConTEXT speculative Fiction convention. Im on a few panels, including one on Loving your characters. I thought it was interesting, since thats what my blog post is about this week.

See, One month from today, our second series releases with TEB, called the American Satyrs series. The first book, Of Crimson and Collars is about one of our favorite characters Ben. Ben is a misfit in one world, the world of the demons of the Afterverse, and a well needed breath of fresh air in the Satyr world where he is an unlikely prince.

Why is Ben a favorite? Because hes a suvivor. His parents dumped him on his mother's people's doorstep when he was a baby and vanished, and he was met with disdain all his life. He is different then the Strigo, the time demons, because women find him irreistable. With that in mind, he has used those powers to keep himself alive. All Ben really wanted was a family, and people that cared for him... and he gets that, in spades, though its going to be hell to keep it.

We feel like you kinda have to love all the people you write about. Its the only way to really get invested in the story your writing, and if you are invested odds are the reader will be too. And We are hard at work on the second book in the American Satyr Series, called To Collar and Keep and its Ben's cousin, Harlequin's story. OOh and guess what? Next month we are blogging here on our release day, and Ill be giving away a really nice pair of earrings for the release... so stay tuned.

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