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Drawn in by a box

This summer I have been and am spending a lot of time off-line. Taking a summer break and spending time with my family. At first it was hard staying away from my computer but as time went by it has gotten better. Heck even the days I go on comp I don’t spend as much time on it. It has been a house full of family. We laugh, chat and have a blast. Also I have been spending time with a box that has drawn me in. No I'm not kidding I've been drawn in by a box. LOL.

I've also used my break to organize my paper files. I'm usually good at keeping thing organized and figured I wouldn't have that much to do. It was going well when I discovered a box of papers I didn't remember seeing before. When I opened the box I was shocked to discover notebooks filled with writings. I tend to write out concepts for stories in notebooks for future use. In the box was a treasure trove. It had some of the first drafts of a few of my already published books. Scenes, characters and so that didn't make it into the final draft of the stories were in the notebooks. I even found some stories that I had started in the notebook but never completed.

As I sat going through the box I was drawn into stories I had written so long ago. My mind raced with characters, places and worlds. I spent hours browsing and enjoying. After I finished reading I finally got around to completing my organizing. I took out the notebooks of the uncompleted stories from the box. Then I put in some more notebooks with my completed books. I made sure to label the box so I know what it is. The notebooks with uncompleted stories are sitting on top of my file cabinet so I can work on them. Organizing has led me to finding stories that I didn't realized I had.

It all started with a summer break which led me to a box. A box that drew me in. Who would ever imagine a box would have such treasures. This break for summer has reaped me much benefits. Time for myself and with family. And now stories to create. All in all this summer has brought me a much needed escape.

Taige Crenshaw
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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Taige,

I love to read old stuff that I've written. Sometimes I'm just amazed. "Where did I get that idea? Did I really write this?"...

Lovely post. Happy Summer!


Taige Crenshaw said...

Yeah it is like buried gold. Love it. Happy summer to you too, Lisabet.