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I Swear I'm Going To Spank My Characters

I swear I'm going to spank my characters.

They can be so naughty. They're not behaving at all right now. I could just scream, but maybe a little spanking and BDSM would be more fun.

If only they were being so deliciously naughty, I'd like them far better than I do right now. Maybe they will be when I wrangle them into submission. :)

I'm editing an MMF and adding more sex and new scenes. But the hero is doing just the opposite of where I keep telling him to go. He's driving me fucking crazy!

Maybe I'm trying to box him in, to make him into something he's not? Hmmm... Maybe...

Several months ago I tried to write an erotic MF. Unfortunately, the characters were too shy to have sex in front of readers. They just couldn't, or wouldn't, do it. So I had to find a publisher who publishes sweet romances.

My current hero doesn't mind getting erotic. In fact, he wants to get erotic much too often - if there's such a thing. He can't help himself.

Maybe I'll just have to spank him. Or let his lovers...

Seriously, he's being a royal pain in the butt and giving me fits including writer's block galore.

Maybe a good, hard spanking is just what he needs. :)

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Simon Says

What detective agency boss Simon Says, ex-lovers Rafael and Marco do whether they like it or not, including tracking a murderer in a transvestite beauty contest in Ft. Lauderdale - and sharing a hotel room.

Former actor come private dick Rafael may be in his element dressing up as a babe in Ft. Lauderdale's transvestite beauty contest in order to catch the sleaze ball murdering gays, but his ex-lover macho ex-New York cop Marco doesn't.

In fact, Marco isn't sure which is worse - having to dress up as a babe and talking into the microphone hidden in his boobs, or being forced to shack up in a hotel room with his ex-lover and too-tempting fellow detective Rafael.

***** Review from Fallen Angel Reviews

From Rafael's drama queen ways to Marco talking into his books, this romantic comedy is a gem! Reviewed by April from Fallen Angel Reviews

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Genella deGrey said...

Let him do his thing, girl!
All the better for us to read about it!

Ashley Ladd said...

The more I think about it I think I will. He needs something.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I have to agree. When characters resist our plans, there's usually a reason. Your unconscious is telling you that your view of the character isn't quite right. Sit him down for a good talking to and find out what he wants...who he wants to be.

Your latest books sound delicious, by the way.


Lyn Cash said...

congrats, ash - what a great review!