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Isabelle's Alter Ego, Serious Academic

Over the summer I started an Masters in Fine Art program. My concentration? Fiction, of course. One of my main motivations for pursuing the degree is to increase career opportunities. Another motivation is to improve my own fiction.

Funny thing is, I'd never even heard of an MFA until about three years ago. When I heard about it, I thought--geez, you can go to school to learn how to write stories? People take that sort of study seriously? Well, I can tell you now the answer is yes, they do. And there are A LOT of MFA programs around. The programs come in two types, traditional--residency--programs where you regularly attend classes, and newer--low residency programs. The low-residency programs allow greater flexibility and are great for those who are not interested in moving. With the low-res students attend several intensive workshops and do independent studies.

If you're interested, come on over and check out my blog: Adventures in MFA Land.

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nice one, i just added even more new emo backgrounds 2 my blog