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Murder vs. Sex

Fair warning - I'm going to rant. I might even rave. I also now, this will change nothing. Still, it will make me feel better. First, let me give a bit of history. I lost my only brother in a random act of violence. I've also dealt with teenagers who have been raped, beaten, abandoned and abused. All of this breaks my heart, shocks my soul and royally pisses me off. What's my point here? And yes, I do have a point.

Because of my day profession (I'm an educator) I must write under a pen name and hope that my administrators don't catch wind of the genre' in which I write. If they did - my God - just think of the damage I could be doing to teenager's psyche if he or she knew I wrote about love and sex between consensual, mature, engaged adults? On the other hand, if I wrote about crime - murder mysteries, true crime - something like that, which glorifies violence, I could broadcast my accomplishments without fear of reprisal.

So here's my question, rhetorical though it may be: Why does our society willingly embrace violence but not love? What would happen if we reversed that and began to admire and fantasize more about love, commitment and consensual activities and condemned crime and evil? Somehow, I'm reminded of a John Lennon song - anyone else?


Lisabet Sarai said...

Ah, Marie,

You're so right. But it's not love that people are afraid of, it's sex.

I'm not sure but I think part of the reason that many societies view sexual material as taboo is because sex is so powerful and disruptive.

Of course, violence is even more so, yet it's tacitly sanctioned. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that most of the people who make "the rules" are men.

Anyway, a brave and true post. Thank you.


Lyn Cash said...

I think Lisabet is right - it's sex they're afraid of - ack. I also think it stems from (and I'm not going on a soap box here) religious mores that say sex is for producing offspring and that it's garnering pleasure from the act that gets us into trouble.

We've come so far but have so damned far to go as a society.

Kris Norris said...

Funny how we allow our kids to watch shows containing violence, but shoo them from the room if a sex scene comes on...

I for one don't believe in this. Love, and tactfully presented sex should be embraced... so here's to changing our focus.

Great points.