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Seeing ahead

School has started for the kids, the weather will be cooling (PLEASE) the holidays will be here before we know it. It is now time to look ahead to the end of the year with the upcoming months. It also means that within the next four months I have four books being released and too many to finish and submit!

In less than a month ( Sept 28th) The second book of The Were Chronicles will be released! Can I just say how excited I am. The first book received such great reviews and feedback from the readers that it reminds me why I wanted to be an author. To hear someone say "I just couldn't stop reading... I had to find out what happand!" That is the greatest of compliments.

The second book Pack enforcer holds high expectations for me. And just look at the cover! Total-E- bound does the best work with cover art! Can we all agree on that?

While I am pounding away at the keyboard finishing the final draft of the fourth book Pack magic I can look back and see how the characters and storyline has grown. The romance and love is still there but there is so many ywists and turns coming that sometimes i feel like a reader and get excited myself to see what is going to happan. They have moved well past the outline and taken me on one hell of a ride.

So I look forward to the coming months. Greatful for my place here as an author. That I have found a home to let my stories live, readers who enjoy them ,and the best authors whom support ine another.

What else can a small town texas girl ask for?

Crissy Smith

1 comment:

Lisabet Sarai said...

Wonderful cover, Crissy!

I remember your first TEB book. Now you're on a roll, putting them out one after another. Well done!