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Turning the page...

As I read the last few entries on the blog, I wonder if this summer was one of introspection for many people. I know I took several weeks off, two to visit family, one to go camping, and a couple to just vegetate. After three years of writing nearly non-stop, it was nice to read for a change. However, along with my usual menu of thrillers/horror/adventure/romance books, I also spent some time dissecting the lessons offered in several works dedicated to improving a writer's craft. I've been most impressed with Don't Murder Your Mystery by Chris Roerden. There are tips in there for every author, not just mystery writers. I've been taking lessons to heart and applying them to my own work.

I also feel as if I've turned a page in my personal life as well. My two young sons, adopted from Guatemala four years ago, are both in kindergarten this year. I finally have more than an hour or so to myself. I've begun crafting a schedule that includes exercise, housework, writing, and me time. What a concept!

The sad thing about all that time off is that I haven't written, I'm taking the next couple of months off from blogging here, there, and everywhere, so that I can concentrate on my "real" job...crafting seductive suspense. But rest assured, like that beloved character always says "I'll be back" -- if only in the comments for a while.

Ericka Scott

1 comment:

Genella deGrey said...

You go, Ericka!
Someday I'll have the luxury to do the same - but for now, it's back to the 9 to 6.