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well, MY bad but there's a reason for it LOL!

I missed the date I was supposed to blog on yesterday and I swear I had a good reason for it!

I was working.

And interviewing New York Times best selling Author Yasmine Galenorn. She first appeared on my radio show back in May when we talked about her Otherworld series, and the Sisters of the Moon along with her version of eclectic witchcraft and the rise of her career. But I wanted to finish talking to her because she's a wealth of knowledge to all authors who are trying to make a living out of this gig.

We're going to ignore the fact that I had copyedits due and revisions on another MS due too because it's bad form *wink*

In the last interview, I asked Yasmine what it took to go from being an author like me, to a midlist author to one who is well off and can write for the rest of her life and NOT have to have that evil day job.

We discussed how it takes dedication to this career, something most authors have a tendency to forget when our successes run low. We covered the spectrum of her writing betweenthe two interviews and I think when you all listen to next week's The UnNamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata you're really going to get a wealth of information from her.

We did talk about marketing also, really nailing down what it takes for an author to be successful and HOW they can use their own talents to sell books, rather than viral Yahoo group or blog marketing. Notice I RARELY if ever post a "hey buy my books at TEB" blog.

Becuase it's BAD FORM.

If you're not adding value and treating your readers like readers rather than people to line your pocketbook, they may still buy your work, but they'll never want to suggest you on the basis that you're an asshole.

Keep these few things in mind and don't forget to listen to The UnNamed Romance Show, MOndays at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST

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