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Where do you like to do it?

Where do you like to write, I mean? (What else could I have been talking about!)

I've been meaning to do a blog about my writing space for a long time (as testified to by the fact there are Christmas decorations in some of the pictures!)

A little while ago, work was done on the house and a few extra rooms added on. I was lucky enough to snag one as my writing space. This is it...

It's a nice big space, but I'm something of a clutter bug, so as you can see, it didn't stay empty for long...

But even if I do clutter things up a bit, I do my best to stay organised about my writing projects. Each post it note is a story. Each different colour is a different series...

And I try to keep the ones I've written nice or orderly to. Accepted stories on the left. Out of date drafts on the right. The ones that still need to be re-written in the middle. (BTW - the one in the middle in this photo - Yes! - has already been re-written. It was part of TEB's Friction anthology that came out last week!)

There's one part of the room I'm still decorating a little bit at a time, creating a border out of my cover art...

My desk. I tidied before I took the photo. It hasn't been this orgainsed since Christmas!

No matter how tidy things are, sometimes staring at the computer screen just doesn't work. This is my thinking chair, for those times when I just need to take a break and listen to the characters in my head without trying to type at the same time.

And that's it really. The space is working well for me so far. I just signed my 21st contract with TEB. I'll get those covers in my border all the way around the room yet!

If you want to take a peak at some of the things I've written here. I've recently added two free stories to the TEB site. You can find links to book of the stories here.

Take care,

Kim Dare


Jenna Byrnes said...

OMG Kim, your organization scares me. Colored post it notes for series/stories?

*bows on knees*

I'm not worthy!

I do have a few yellow post-its scattered around my monitor, and a virtual pad of post its on my desktop, but none of my ideas are that organized!

Nice pics.


Bronwyn Green said...

You are terrifyingly organized...and yet, I'm thrilled that you are because that just means more great stories for us! :D

I don't suppose I could talk you into helping me organize my office?

Kris Norris said...

OH. My. God!!

Okay this goes beyond organized:D I think I'm good because I've made a separate file folder on my computer for each story!

Beautiful space and I absolutely LOVE the border idea. Great job. And I bet you'll have it finished in no time...


Jude Mason said...

Kim, I love your room! I may steal your idea of using cover art for trim. I have room. I have cover art. Now to talk hubby into it. Hehehe! That is soo very cool.

I tend to be organized too. Drives some people crazy, but it works for me. At least I don't lose things in the piles of 'stuff' Yeah, I know, you said your desk hadn't been that tidy since Christmas. Sigh. Maybe it's just me!

Very very nice. I could feel comfortable there.


Devon said...

Wow! First off, a whole room for your writing...(sigh of envy). The organization is fantastic, and that's coming from someone who appreciates orderliness. Although mine is all should see my nicely stacked e-files! LOL

Love the idea of your cover art border, fun and inspirational!

Thanks for sharing...must add that I just proofed one of your ms yesterday and love, love, love "K". My first TEB pub will be coming out at the same time as that one, can't wait to join you on the roster! :)

genelladegrey said...

I can only aspire to have a writing space of my own like that!
Beautiful, Kim!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Kim, you are so organized that I am awed.

On the other hand, you're so prolific, you probably need to work harder to keep everything organized.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your world.


Kim Dare said...

Thanks for stopping by guys :)

Jenna - lol, I only seem capable of obsessive organisation or complete chaos. Post it notes are essencial for making sense of the world.

Bronwyn - If I ever make it over to the UK, I'll happily bring my post it notes with me ;)

Kris - I'll admit I'm a bit in love with the border. It looked rather strange when there was just one cover pushed into the far corner of the room, but it's come on nicely since then.

Jude - good luck getting the border up. It is a comfy space. It's not just you. I work much better if I know where everything is.

Devon - great to meet you - welcome abord! Glad you liked Keats - I'm a little bit in love with the way he turned out. All the best with your first release :)

Genella - Yep - I'm really spoilt at the moment :)

Lisabet - It does get a bit complicated when you end up working on a few different things all at the same time. I think I work better with dealines though, so it helps to have a lot going on :)

Thanks again for stopping by everyone :)

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

You are an inspiration! I look at my desk--can't see too much wood.
I look at your computer area--not like mine!
I see your border with book covers--WHAT A GREAT IDEA!
I am coming to your house and bringing wine and nibbles so you can tell me how you do it!

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Cerise. Thanks for dropping in. You're welcome at my place any time your in Wales :)

Take care,

Kim Dare.