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Cross Dressing lessons learned from DragonCon

For those who have been following me, you know I was at DragonCon this past weekend in Atlanta, GA with Kayelle Allen, Kiernan Kelly, Ally Blue and Fiona Zedde. We had our panel on Exploring the Final Taboo in Erotic Romance (read, gay romances, primarily) and had a wonderful turnout despite DragonCon's difficulties which shall be blogged about in my White Wolf Blog later and again at Radio Dentata.

You also know I showed up for our panel drunk/drinking scotch and dressed completely as best I could as a woman.

I learned a few things dressed as a woman.

First off, I LOVE thigh high stockings but being a man I cannot easily wear the pair I bought becuase they're for a woman no larger than 160 lbs. I'm 178ish. So they stayed up, but without my garter belt that I outgrew...I had to pull them up repeatedly.

Second, shopping for women's clothes is a pain. I think it was either here, or at where I talked about the size issue. I'm NOT a size 0 and NEVER will be. NEVER was. But I'm looking at clothes and realizing that I have to buy a 1X because I"m 6'0. But if i know the right places to shop, I can go in and shop without having to feel "like a fat woman" or a wierdo man.

Third, let's talk about high heels. I LOVE them on a woman. I LOVE how some of your gender can just motor along the sidewalk in six inch stillettos like you're wearing nothing. Others of your kind..can barely walk barefoot. Guess which way I fall...

That's right. Four inch high heels with a square heel looked REALLY cute on me. Kayelle and Kiernan told me so LOL! But, I managed. My ankles hurt the next day and steps were a PAIN in the ass.

Next up, underwear. I read somewhere recently (perhaps Crossdresser HEaven) that a LOT of Cross dressing men want to really be SLUTTY WHORES and that's how we picture ourselves. The reality is, I'm 6'0 and 178ish. And I'm pretty toned. and NOT curvy. OR smooth. AND I don't generally shave my face. AND I don't do demure, even when I'm submissive to my Dominants. Neither do most men for that matter, unless they're the pasty white geek type OR they're BDSM people already.

BUT I chose the thong that came with my chemise. It's the first underclothing I've worn all weekend since I normally wear a kilt. Realized I liked the thong. Satin. And because it came with my 1X/2X chemise, it fit. JUST like it should, including the extra bits.

Let's not even go over make up. Mainly because I made Kiernan's minion do my makeup and she just applied blush, subtle eyeliner and lip gloss (which probably came off in between sips of scotch) and then I put on my glasses.

I already knew finding clothes for women was such a pain, but now I've experienced it!

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