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Happy Birthday to Me

Yep. Today is my birthday. I am now 46 years old and let me tell you, it takes some bravery to admit that in a society that generally admires youth. Still, lots of older women have made their mark on the world and I see no reason why being on the wrong (or right) side of 40 is a detriment. For example, what man would turn down a date with Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez or Heather Locklear.
Loreena McKennitt, my favorite singer, was born in 1957.
Sandra Bullock: 1964
Michelle Pfeiffer is also over 50.

I'm thinking - and hoping - that the days of youth equaling beauty and age equaling hag are over. Youth is, certainly, beautiful. But age also carries it's own brand of beauty - a little less exuberant perhaps, but more elegant and graceful. I find that I no longer yearn for my youth. In truth, I no longer yearn for tomorrow either. I've learned to simply enjoy this moment in time as fully and completely as possible.


Jenna Byrnes said...

Happy Birthday Marie!!! 46 and great!!!!



Marie Harte said...

Happy Birthday, Marie. You're only as old as you feel. And didn't you know, forty is the new twenty? :)


Molly Daniels said...

Happy birthday Marie:)