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How many can play?

Sex is sex no matter how you do it, right? But there's sex and then there's.....interesting sex. Two can play, three can play (try the board game, Menage, to spice up your parties) or four can play. And that's the premise of my story FOURPLAY, about a very interesting Scottish vacation.

Here's what Night Owl review had to say about it:

Desiree Holt absolutely paints an exciting portrait of the explosive chemistry between Michael, Holly and Duncan during the week they’re together on the Isle of Skye. A little nervous of all the non-stop action, Holly is having an amazing time. She gets even more excited as she realizes something new about the man she loves. But just when we think the fan in the room isn’t cool enough to put out our flames, we’re introduced to yet another steamy partner named Jim. The end of the week comes all too quickly and Michael makes a surprising announcement. You’re going to love this one!

She loved the ménage her lover, Michael Collins had introduced her to, but now here they were, spending a week at Duncan MacLaughlin’s cottage in Scotland and Holly Martin wasn’t sure she was ready for the surprise he promised her. No details, just a wide grin. The surprise turned out to be Jim Grainger, a friend of Michael and Duncan’s, who was as much into a foursome as the other men. With all that testosterone flowing around her, and three very gorgeous and sexy men to play games with, Holly suddenly realized she loved a sexy numbers game.

Michael leaned back against the counter, observing with interested eyes, as Duncan peeled Holly’s sweater over her head and tossed it to him. The big man’s breath hissed through his teeth.
“Your tits are just as gorgeous as ever, Holly mine. Nice and plump, with rosy nipples that tempt a man’s mouth.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on each of them. “I have some fine jewellery for them later on.”
“Take off the skirt, Holly,” Michael told her, “and give Duncan a view he’s been waiting for.”
Hands trembling slightly, Holly unzipped her skirt, shimmied out of it and tossed it to Michael to put with her sweater. Then, knowing what he expected, she turned around,. spread her legs and bent over to grab her ankles.
“Oh, that’s a very excellent sight.” Duncan’s voice was thick with lust. ”Such a tempting cunt and a tempting asshole. I don’t know which one to plunder first.”
His hands trailed over her wet slit, pinching her clit lightly, then dragging the moisture back to her anus, lubricating it just enough to insert the tip of his finger. “Very tight. Oh, yes, this will be too fine. Stand up now, lass. I have something for you.”
He picked up a narrow collar from the table and linked it around her neck. “You know this means you’re ours for the week,” he murmured.
Holly nodded. Whoever would have the thought she’d embrace the D/s life as wholeheartedly as she had, but Michael was such a strong, caring Dom it has been easy to tumble into it with him.
“Whatever you ask or tell, I’ll do.” A thrill of excitement ran through her.
Duncan placed a kiss on her forehead. “She’s well trained, Michael. Even better than the last time we were together.”
“She’s made for the life,” he replied.

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