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It's a Cop Thing

By Jenna Byrnes

I love cops.

No, I didn't used to feel that way when I was driving down the road and I'd see flashing red lights come up behind me. But those times were few and far between, and many years ago, so I'm back around to thinking that cops are indeed the good guys.

My first book had a cop in it, a detective, to be exact. Plainclothes, so he could wear tight jeans and a leather jacket. He had dark scruffy hair touching his collar, badly in need of a trim. A three-day beard growth (I don't know how a man is supposed to maintain the three-day beard growth look and my son agrees with me, it's a pain!) But my characters have it, and I like it.

The cop had a muscular physique and deep set chocolate eyes that could see right through to a woman's soul. The eyes had tiny lines around them that made him look tired, but when he smiled, they crinkled and his face fairly sparkled. That was Jack.

And later it was Nick. Only difference was, Nick's eyes were looking at other men. Same with the detective in my upcoming TEB release, Night Shift. Ryder has dark scruffy hair, a three-day beard growth--you get the picture. I'm enamored with the look, the fantasy.

It's funny, when I think about Jack, Nick or Ryder in my mind, I don't see the same man. They're each a special person with his own characteristics and quirks. But when I go back over the description, I have to admit, a sketch artist would have a tough time telling them apart.

I don't know any cops in real life and that works just fine for me. I'll keep them up on a pedestal awhile longer, until the story ideas run out. Which should be, oh, another fifty years or so. *G*

Night Shift
Rating: Total e-burning
Genre: M/M contemporary romantic suspense
Length: Short story
Available here September 28, 2009

Tracking a murderer on the streets of Chicago, two strong-willed detectives must work together on the case - as well as they get along in the bedroom.

Homicide Detective Cullen Ryder is worried. Someone is brazenly killing drug pushers on the grimy backstreets of Chicago. When the monthly murders jump to weekly and draw the focus of the chief of police, the Chicago P.D. starts jumping, too. The chief assigns a special task force to the case, much to Ryder's chagrin.

Handsome, dark-skinned Trevor Stone has testosterone and attitude to spare. As the head of the task force, he marches in giving orders right and left. Ryder doesn't like being bossed around, but he does like Stone. Maybe a little too much. When he discovers the feelings are mutual and the men fall into bed, neither is sure where the relationship is headed. Both know one thing - there's a murderer on the loose whom they need to catch, before he catches up with them.


P.A.Brown said...

Very sexy image. I do hope all your cops are under cover since they'd be reamed new ones by their Sergeants for that look and told to go smolder somewhere else. LOL.

Pat -- who also has sexy cops but tends to keep mine a bit more regulation. But you're right, that Miami Vice 3-day growth is sexy LOOKING. Feels like sandpaper if you get rubbed by it!

Paris said...

Have to agree with Pat. The three-day growth is sexy until you get razor burn! But as long as I'm fantasizing;-)

Chris R said...

Got to love those good guys! And since it is fantasy...definitely make them good looking. :-)

Jenna Byrnes said...

Hey P.A.,

they'd be reamed new ones by their Sergeants for that look and told to go smolder somewhere else. LMAO! I love that. And you're right. It's just a fantasy. That's the fun of it!

Thanks for commenting!

~ Jenna

Jenna Byrnes said...

Hi Paris,

True, true. Fantasy is the fun of it. Thanks for stopping by!

~ Jenna

Jenna Byrnes said...

Hey Chris,

Good looking, but not so good looking that they realize it themselves, you know? LOL

Thanks for commenting!

~ Jenna

Anonymous said...

As P.A.Brown said...very sexy image. Put that thought with your storyline and I have got to get that book. It sounds really interesting.

Jenna Byrnes said...

Hey Patsy,

I think this one's pretty hot, of course I'm a touch biased!

Thanks for reading and commenting,


Jude Mason said...

Hey lady!

I've known a few cops in my time and I'm afraid only one sported the look you seemed so enamored to. He was an undercover guy who had to go really deep into the nasty parts of life. Sigh. Nice man, but it takes one hell of a toll.

Very cool blog GF


Jenna Byrnes said...

Hi Jude,

Under the covers, huh? Doesn't sound so bad!

LOL Kidding. Thanks for commenting!


Rie McGaha said...

The saying goes that cops and robbers are two sides of the same coin, except cops are the ones who got their lunch money taken from them in school, and robbers are the ones who did the taking--now the cops wear badges trying to get their lunch money back...

Anyway, I kinda like my men scruffy too. There's just something about that look, the longish hair, & the jean clad tight butts that drive me nuts!

Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Jen...

Totally agree with PA Brown - love those guys with three days hair growth and as unrealistic as it is - who cares...

Thank god for your consistency -because I love them all, irrespective of who they love or who they are hunting...


Devon Rhodes said...

Mmmm, man who is so focused on the greater good that he delightfully neglects his own grooming...gotta love it! Put two together and I think I have another story idea. ;)

Jenna Byrnes said...

Hi Rie,

LOL about the lunch money! I do enjoy a tight, jean clad butt!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Jenna

Jenna Byrnes said...

Hi EH,

I'm just a sucker for a bad boy looking cop, LOL

Thanks so much for popping in!

~ Jenna

Jenna Byrnes said...

Hey Devon,

Let's not get carried away with neglecting the grooming business-- LOL!

Thanks for commenting,

~ Jenna