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Male-Male...Hell Yes.

First of all, if you haven't already read Kaenar's post before mine, you're REALLY missing out. Where does she find such glorious pictures???? And the story she wrote is fabulous, a hot m/m Naughty Nooner called Indulge Me.

Which brings me to the topic I'd like to mention today. The male-male romance. Forbidden, naughty, downright sexy. Two men (or more, hey the more the merrier) fall in love and express their desire physically. In erotic romance, yeah, it comes down to sex between people in love. What I find enjoyable about the m/m genre, in particular, is watching tough, alpha men express that other side, a deeper, emotional well of love that's often forced behind a machismo facade. I'm talking fiction here. Not every man is over six feet tall and has alpha tendencies. Most alpha men are annoyingly bossy. But in fiction, we can make them do and say whatever we want.

In my m/m stories, I write about strong, powerful men who may not be sure about what they want. Physically they're powerful, but emotionally they're needy--my favorite combination. In Caging the Beast, coming out next month, both my heroes are captured slaves who don't fit into the mold prescribed for them. They have needs they'd much rather deny than accept, but accepting themselves is the key to finding happiness. Figuring that out becomes crucial to the story.

Frankly, I don't see what's not to love about m/m erotic romance. Hot men, lots of sex, and an added bonus of love. Then again, I'm prejudiced to be open minded. Would that the rest of the world jump on that band wagon, we'd live in a much happier place.




nettagyrl said...

This is why I LOVE m/m erotica! Two men either unlikely or likely who come together, well it just does it for me. =D Thanks for the pic. LOVE it!

Devon Rhodes said...

Since I've discovered the genre, I find it increasingly hard to write about anything but m/m, lol! I love the same thing about taking the machismo and weaving a romance around it.

Marie Harte said...

Hey Nettagyrl. I'm with you on the pic, and the genre!


Marie Harte said...

Devon, yeah, it's weird. Whenever I'm writing, I keep wanting to throw another guy in my stories, even if my hero is totally straight. :)