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The Moment It Hits You

I am trailing awkwardly in the wake of some amazing posts over the past two weeks! 

My topic is about the moment of realization that yes, I am an author now. And even though I've had an amazing week, finishing a ms on Friday, also signing my third contract on Friday, and having my first release day on Monday for Remarkable Restraint, it just didn't hit me until yesterday on my walk.

Running was a creative wellspring for me. Since I began to write last spring, each time I'd hit the pavement, my mind would set my body on autopilot and begin to churn over plotlines and backstories, hot scenes and angst.  I would practice dialogue out loud under my breath until I got it right. No music, no kids, no pets, no exercise partner, I would dodge soccer moms and dog-walkers completely immersed in my erotic visions.

And as a consistent backbeat to those conscious thoughts would be a slew of hopes and dreams...Wouldn't it be great to be published? I wonder if they've read my submission.  What should my pen name be? How cool would it be to go to a conference as a pubbed author? Will I ever get there?

My running was derailed in July by the infamous wine bar/clogs/curb accident that left me with such a severely sprained ankle that only yesterday, over two months later, did I feel up to trying to walk one of my shorter loops.  I set out, and my well-trained mind immediately slipped into creation mode. As I headed down the hill to the park, I began to notice small changes, the dirt lot that was now grass-covered, a house that hadn't even been for sale before was now sold.

I literally stopped dead in my tracks as it hit me...I'm now a published author. Since July, I've signed three contracts, written four new manuscripts, picked a pen name, built a website, had my first release date and my first fan mail.  All my previous aspirations and goals have come to pass, and it's the greatest feeling in the world to know that I'm now free to choose new goals to churn over while I work back into running.  Sky's the limit...

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Serena Yates said...
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Serena Yates said...

Welcome to the club, Devon! I've only just recently gone through exactly the same kind of process (well, minus the runing, LOL) and know what it feels like. I look forward to reading your stories - I've just bought the Dreamspinner anthology and can't wait to get to it. Have to write another 2,000 words first though - grin.

Jude Mason said...

What an awesome post, Devon. I've been published for some time now, but I still have that, oh my gawd, feeling of being an author. Just saying it sends a thrill right through me. I hope it always does.


Claire Thompson said...

I've been writing and published for nearly 13 years, but the thrill NEVER leaves you, ever! That email from a reader whose life you've touched, a really amazing review where not only did they give you five stars, but they REALLY got what you were trying to say, and then of course nice royalty checks rolling in to where you start to think...could I really leave my day job?... You are TERRIFIC, Devin Rhodes, and I expect to see those FOURTEEN manuscripts out in print any day now...! Get to work, no laurel resting!
Love, Claire

Erotic Horizon said...


Big sqee hon, I am so chuffed for you and I know how over the moon you have been....

As you so nicely put it, it is a process and as much as you gave us the soft version- I am sure it was endless nights up, wishing and hoping, probably a few finger nail biting - but finally PUBLISHED...

Congrats my dear - Congrats...


Devon Rhodes said...

Thanks Serena and Jude! It's been great getting to know other authors, who know firsthand some of the terrors and triumphs that go with the process.

Jude--Looking forward to the next installment of your story as well!

Claire--lol, you are determined to see all my multitude wip's get out there. I'm working, I'm working, I promise! I can only aspire to the length and success of your career. Thanks for popping by, gf!

EH--you know it! You've heard enough of my squees over the past month...and it was a slight soft-soap, as we all know, but also a very memorable little moment for me. Thanks, love.

Happy to "leak" that I will have another announcement very, very soon...details to come!

Jenna Byrnes said...

Great post, Devon. You really put a lot of our thoughts into words. It's a very cool feeling, indeed!

Congrats on your success!

~ Jenna

Ava March said...

Congrats, Devon!! I'm so happy for you. ((huge hugs)) There truly is nothing quite like getting that first book published. I swear, I grinned like a damn dork the first time I got to say 'Why, yes' when someone asked me 'oh, you're an author? Do you have any books out?'.

Now get back to work so you can get even more books out there!! :D

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Devon,

Excellent post! It sometimes takes a while for the whole thing to sink in. Claire is right, though. The thrill is always there. I just got notice of an acceptance from TEB and I'm walking on air, even though I've been publishing for more than ten years.

Wishing you many, many more successes- and no more wine bar accidents!