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Simple Joy - Going to a Movie

I enjoy going to the movies but I haven't been to the theater in a little bit. Well let me clarify that. I haven't made time to go to the movies. I did go this summer when my sis was visiting but only because she said lets go to a movie. And off we went. But I haven't gone to one by myself just because I decided to go. I used to go to the movies often and also have dinner. It was a treat I gave to myself.

Well I saw a preview of a movie and said I wanted to go. Lately I usually say this and then forget or get to busy. This time I bought my tickets in advance and made time to actually go. On the day of my movie (2 actually. I decided to make a day of it) I got up excited and off I went to my movie. As I walked into the movie theater and saw the crowds of people also going to someone of the various movies the theater offers I got this feeling. There is just this feeling when you go to a movie theater. The best way I can describe it is a mixture of excitement and camaraderie with fellow movie goers.

Off I went to find the theater my movie was in. When I got there I took a seat and looked around at the other people. People were talking about a variety of things. When the lights flickered and went down it got quite. Previews started and I was on my way to my movie experience. Once the movie started I was swept away in the story. I relaxed back, ate popcorn and enjoyed the show. The other movie goers and myself laughed, grumbled and cried as the show went on . Before I knew it the movie was done and the lights came up. As I exited the theater people were chatting about the movie. It was fascinating listening to other people thoughts on what we had just seen.

I went to my next movie and it was just as good as the first. When I left the theater after and saw the lines of more people on the way to the movies I smiled and made myself a promise I would go to the movies more often. Besides all the previews I saw whetted my appetite for more movies. I made a list of some I want to see.

Glancing once more at the crowds waiting to go to their show I could see excitement, camaraderie and fun. Even spotted some people on dates (grin). That was my simple joy - going to a theater to see a movie. What things you enjoy have you done lately?

Taige Crenshaw
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