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Energize Yourself

I love autumn weather, and that's what's here in the states now. I love the foods, the smells, the weather, the colors of the leaves as they change color before becoming fodder for next year's spring growth.
* * *
Instead of blogging something about a book of mine or even anyone else's right now, I thought I'd just post a photo or two and wish everyone a great day. How's that?
* * *
Have you ever gone to a real pumpkin patch and picked out your own pumpkins to carve or cook? I used to do that back when my son was small. Now I just go to the store, but I passed a pumpkin patch the other day and was tempted to march up and pay my money to just walk through and pick off of the vine.
One of the ways I've been 'energizing' myself (and hopefully my writing) has been to just take off when the mood strikes. A friend with a lake house invited me out over the weekend, so I spent 3 days with 2 other writers, just parked facing the lake while I wrote, staring at beautiful blue water, cranes and egrets, sipping great coffee from one of those machines that costs more than a pearl necklace, eating homemade chili for supper, fruit and quiche for breakfast, and taking long nature walks and having some great chats with friends.
* * *
********************************************************************** *****************
May your muse love nature and welcome friends this month.
~ Sunny Lyn


Devon Rhodes said...

Lovely thoughts, Lyn, thanks for sharing.

Lyn Cash said...

hey, devon - thank YOU for dropping by - and you are welcome.