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Fate Unbound by Isabelle Drake, out now

Single from the Nectar of the Gods Anthology

About the story: Forced to leave her homeland of ancient Greece, Taryn must search modern day LA for the one man who will tame her wild heart. The Oracle has dictated that she must submit to all men who approach her. In doing so, she will find the single man who desires submission to her, then, and only then, may she return to her beloved home.

Adrian, frustrated by being forced live as an unrecognized son of Zeus, seeks his fate from The Oracle. The Oracle has a dictate for him as well, he must be patient, accept what comes to him, and never act on his own desires--especially those of the flesh. In doing so, he will, when the time is right, receive the recognition as Zeus’s son.

Excerpt: The Fates have been cruel, casting me from Greece.” Adrian tossed the chisel from his calloused hand, watching it skid to a stop under the expansive window. Gazing across the private courtyard swimming pool towards the glittering neon lights of Los Angeles, he continued, “Sending me to this modern world, where I am nothing, no one, I—”

“Not even your true father, Zeus himself, can deny The Fates,” Linus said to his friend, trying as he had many times over the past several weeks to remind Adrian that he had no control over his predicament.

“Curse The Fates and curse—”

“Don’t. Have patience.” Linus’ tone was sharp but softened as he continued. “You will regret those words later, when you get the acknowledgement you crave.”

Running his fingertips over rough edges of marble that would eventually be two lovers, Adrian scoffed. “Patience?”

Linus set down the brown leather chest he’d just carried in. “Let me remind you, you sought your future from The Oracle. Besides, you will be getting what you want—if you only follow—”

“The dictates.” Adrian’s hand stilled where the woman’s waist would be. “It’s a trick. Commanding me to not seek the touch of any woman, then placing me here, where she is nearby.”

“And what would you do if you could touch her?” Linus asked. “Seek vengeance?”

Gliding his hand lower, he flattened his palm across the area where the lovers’ bodies would merge and pressed hard. There was no room for gentleness when it came to the unfinished business between him and his former lover, Taryn.

He turned away so his friend would not see that cruel truth on his face, but the concealment came too late.

“What good would such an act do? It certainly would not help you achieve what you claim to want. Single-minded revenge does not suit a god—or even a half god. Perhaps the Fates know you better than you know yourself.”

Adrian backed away from the mass of half-shaped marble, stepped down from the wooden platform filling the centre of the space he’d made into a studio and turned to gaze across the new series of sketches he’d started that afternoon.

He admired the outline of the naked woman with her full breasts then scowled as his eyes were drawn reluctantly to the unusually large cock of the man poised above her. Had that been him only a breath away from Taryn, he would have already been buried in her sweet cunt. In two thrusts, he could have had her writhing, begging and…

Disgusted that he, a son of the great Zeus, would bother to compare himself to a simple mortal man, he spun and paced across the dust covered floor of the room he hadn’t left in days. “What good can come of this isolation? Am I a child that I need to be torn away from the home I love and belong in to learn some…some…lesson?”

“The isolation is of your own doing. There is nothing in the dictate of the Oracle that keeps you within these walls.”

Adrian’s answer was quick. “What is the point of leaving?”

His companion’s reply was silence, the type of silence one man offers another when he is holding back words better left unsaid. Finally, Linus found something that might offer comfort. “She hasn’t seen you…yet. Perhaps you will accomplish what you must, then can return home with your cherished pride intact.”

The light sarcasm of Linus’s words went unnoticed. Adrian was strutting again, trying to avoid the table by the window where a few rays of moonlight that managed to cut through the skyline skimmed across the drawings. Pages and pages of the sweet Taryn, naked and exposed, submissive yet still in control, demanding that the man mounting her please her before himself.

Linus unlocked the chest and lifted the top. “You could have requested I send her away when she came about the job.”

Adrian had reminded himself of that many times but knew provided with the opportunity he would make the same choice again. Taryn was out of his life, but she would never be out of his blood—or heart. The images of them together were not simply a part of his mind, but his soul as well.

Turning away, Linus began putting away the clothing Adrian had insisted he bring over from the small apartment they’d been given upon arriving. “Do not think so little of yourself. She is here too, also torn from home, working as you are. And, most likely, battling with dictates as well.” He paused, catching Adrian’s gaze before continuing, “She is working for you. The Fates make no mistakes. There must be a rea—”

“There were not enough men in Greece for her to charm into her bed, that is the reason. She had come here to fuck every man who crosses her path.”

“Rumours,” Linus muttered, reaching into the chest for another pile of clothing. “Don’t listen.”

“I have seen her play with her charms with my own eyes. In Greece—and here.”

“Here, you have seen what you yourself have asked of her."
“I only told her to go through the motions of sex.” Frustration deepened his voice as he thought about both Taryn and his predicament with the Fates. “The job does not require that she enjoy it.”
It was Linus’s turn to scoff. “If you are thinking a woman like Taryn would allow herself to be mounted and used like some common slave, you do have a lesson to learn.”


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