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The Gloriously Illustrated 'Indulge Me'- Part Two

Yes, I can't resist. Readers seemed to enjoy the concept for September's post and I certainly enjoyed the hunt for photos . So, this month I'm posting Part Two of the Illustrated Guide to my Naughty Nooners story, Indulge Me. Let me assure you that the photo hunt was as equally rewarding this month and you get to reap the benefits of all those hours of research.

Indulge Me was written after my visit to Spa Excess, the largest, most luxurious gay spa/bathhouse in Toronto. The story was meant to convey the absolutely erotic sights, sounds and even smells of this all male world.

If you read last month's post, you know what's going to happen. If not, here's the scoop. I'm going to post some of my very favourite passages, little snippets, sentences and paragraphs, from Indulge Me. They'll be accompanied by photos I've found to help you imagine what it's really like behind the lovely wooden doors of Spa Excess. I hope you enjoy the return journey.

Here's the blurb in case you need a refresher.

Indulge Me
by Kaenar Langford

Meet me at Indulgence. Noon today. I want you naked in the Wet Area.

Keane Daniels has received an anonymous note summoning him to Indulgence, one of the largest gay spa and bathhouses in Toronto. Since he's in unrequited lust with his boss, Keane thinks a clandestine tryst might just take his mind off his gorgeous colleague.

Rayche Marquette has wanted Keane since hiring him, but being his boss means Keane's off limits...until Rayche decides he can wait no longer and reserves the Wet Area of the spa so the two of them can spend a Naughty Nooner together.

Rayche and Keane meet in the elegant shower area, but when Keane discovers the sender of the note is his boss, his reaction is not what Rayche expects. Keane rebuffs him, thinking the lunch hour adventure is a lark for Rayche, a meaningless liaison. For Keane, that can never be enough with this man. How can he convince Rayche to turn their Naughty Nooner into a lifetime commitment?

Here we go!

Those conferences were pure agony for Keane. Rayche would invariably take off his suit jacket and throw it over the back of a chair. Then he’d loosen his tie and pull it off before undoing the top button of his shirt. He’d roll up his shirtsleeves, revealing his muscular forearms with their soft, dark hair. It was all he could do not to moan when his boss would lean back in his chair, hands behind his head, and stretch. Keane was sure he could see the outline of Rayche’s nipples as his shirt pulled taut against his chest.

All the time he’d been in the locker room stripping off his clothes, Keane hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the mystery man waiting for him. As he’d walked down the long hall, the music from the ceiling speakers pounding through his body, he’d felt his cock rising against the towel wrapped around his waist. It was as if an electric current had been vibrating around him, caressing his skin as he made his way to the shower area to meet the sender of the note.

Moving to the wall, Keane grabbed one of the handles and pulled. He shivered as the cool water hit his overheated skin, and he stretched like a lion up into the stream as it began to warm. Getting soap from a nearby dispenser, he rubbed his hands together then closed his eyes as he smoothed the lather on his face and let the spray wash over him. He almost missed the quiet snick as the door of the steam room opened behind him.

Reaching around, he smoothed his hands over Keane’s chest, pinching at the nipples as he made lazy circles on the wet flesh. Keane’s knees almost gave out as the stranger bit along his shoulder blade. While the warm water cascaded down their bodies, the play moved lower. He clenched the muscles in his belly as the man skimmed his hands around his navel. And lower.

Rayche smiled as Keane moved forward enough to insinuate one of his hands between their bodies. The smile vanished when Keane found his dick and took hold. It was replaced by a gasp of utter delight as Keane ran his thumb around the head, slicking the pre-cum over the taut skin.

Who could have guessed what was hidden beneath those expensive suits his boss always wore? Rayche Marquette was stunning fully clothed, but naked and aroused, he was all golden skin and hard muscle. His dark hair was slicked back, the long waves plastered against his neck and shoulders. High cheekbones bore the flush of arousal and his eyes were bright with what Keane hoped was the promise of things to come.

Rayche’s hands caressed his back, tracing the nubs of his spine before coming to rest at Keane’s waist. His grip tightened, forcing a cry from Keane as precise jabs replaced those gentle strokes. Rayche’s rhythm was relentless, pounding into Keane, his balls slapping against him, the room echoing with the slick sounds of flesh into flesh. Keane pulled his own cock, his hold more forceful, more demanding.

As Rayche pulled him upright and turned him in his arms, Keane grabbed his head and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. The hard fuck had barely taken the edge off his hunger for this man. He bit at Rayche’s lower lip, tugging it into his mouth, running his tongue along it. Then he drew back, gently pulling, slowly releasing it from between his teeth. He slid his tongue into Rayche’s mouth, slicking it back and forth over the sensitive palate.

He pushed at the door of the steam room and headed to the shelves by the entry to the shower chamber. After tearing a towel from the top of one of the piles, he strode back and yanked the door open. Rayche caught the soft cloth as Keane flung it against his chest. His voice was nothing more than a guttural whisper as he said, “Spread that out for me.”

Guttural moans accompanied the sweep of his hand. He felt the rise of his balls, his shaft hardening to steel, the head swelling to an enormous size. And he was thrown over the edge, pumping across Keane’s chest, ribbons of white that flew from him and splattered onto the slick skin in a seemingly endless stream. Finally his head slumped forward and he took a quick, deep breath, trying to regain his equilibrium.

Rayche’s eyes opened wide as his lover put a hand down and slicked the thick cum over the taut skin of his chest and belly. He smiled as those fingers went into Keane’s mouth one by one and he licked each clean. But it was a different sort of smile, not a contented cat one like Keane’s. No, it was more like a ‘you-belong-to-me’ smile.

“Look at those men on the TV,” Rayche encouraged. “Don’t you wish you were the one in the sling?”

His hands came around and Keane melted against him as he flicked Keane’s hard nipples.

“No,” Keane said.

“No?” Rayche echoed incredulously. “You wouldn’t want to be in the sling with those four taking turns fucking you?”

Keane turned in his arms and drew his head down for a long, slow kiss. He rubbed his hard-on against Rayche’s as he spoke. “No, I want you to be in the sling and I’d be the one fucking you."

Want more. Not had enough yet! You can read the first chapter on the book page at my website. And... Indulge Me will soon be out as a single title in print and as an audio book. I can't wait!


Kaenar Langford

Tales to seduce and entice...


Kathy K said...

Kaenar, I actually just read Indulge Me today. I've had the anthology for a looong time and finally decided to sit and read it.
Whoa... I loved it... and Rayche and Keane. Sexy and romantic... excellent story.

I think it's rather interesting that today I also decide to check out the TEB blog.

Kathy K said...

BTW ... I do sooooo love the pictoral version of Indulge Me ... Yummy!

kaenar said...

Dear Kathy,
That's so weird that you decided to read the book today and I posted about it today as well. Even greater coincidence-we're both Canadian. I'm so glad you liked the story-print version and pictorial version as well. I had such a great time finding the photos. Thanks for buying and reading the book.

nettagyrl said...

I had a bad day. But hot damn did those pics and the reading put a big ol smile on my face! =D

kaenar said...

Oh Nettagyrl,
I live to make your day. Glad you enjoyed the post. Nothing like hot guys to make you feel better.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Where do you get these shots, Kaenar??



kaenar said...

Hey Lisabet,
In my search for this month's photos, I came upon a wonderful site called Bentboy's Place. It has 100 galleries of photos like that. More than enough to blow your ever lovin' mind. I highly recommend a visit there.

Lynn LaFleur said...

Whoa! Hot pix and excerpt, Kaenar. Thanks for pointing me here. Now I have to wipe the drool off my chin.


kaenar said...

Hello Lynn,
I thought it would be a nice way for you to start your day. Here's a hanky for the drool.

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