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A good week with Audra.

So Audra left not 12 hours ago to go back to Scotland. We had a great visit, and did a lot of shopping for the "ninja". We also did a lot of planning of the next year of our writing career. This is something we only get to do once a year when we are in the same place and can bounce ideas off each other in person. Its the one thing I hate about writing together- We don't have enough personal interaction where we can gauge each others reactions in person. But we have some great ideas coming up, and outlined and plotted 4 books, and two of our Satyr Novella's. Yes it was awesome.

She had come for the Authors After Dark event, which went off amazingly. We had a lot of fun, and Audra got to meet a lot of our friends and fans, which helped her ideas for our career. So we have a new lease on everything, and shes back to being determined instead of disenchanted. This makes me extremely happy.

So If your reading this, lemme give you a sneak peak on the AAD event Blog Hunt. On the 5th to the 10th of Novmber, all the authors involved with the event will be blogging about their experiences. Readers will have to hit the blogs, read the post, and answer the same question for each blog post: WHAT IS (INSERT AUTHORS NAME HERE) AAD BLOG POST ABOUT. then you will send it to the contest email (Everything will be promoted starting Thursday, so be on the look out) and you could win a HUGE bag of the goodies and books that we had at the event!

So be on the look out. Ooh and AAD: Romance Unlimited will be the 2010 theme, and details will follow.

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