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Hello my lovelies...

I am coming by to tell you of what I've been doing and what is coming up for the hopes that someone is interested in said info.

I'm about to finish Love, Grant, which is, of course, the sequel to Love, Jamie. These two men can't buy a break. They've had a lovely year of loving and building their lives together and now trouble is back in a major way. It will come out at TEB in April.

In January I have Too Keen coming and I love these two men. Lance and Keen. And you'll fall in love with Miss Phoebe. She has a wonderful story...which will resonate with all of us.

I have others coming out at Torquere, but that is another story, if you'll pardon the pun. Lots of edits and pre-edits and final edits and cover art requests and so on while I'm trying to finish Grant. Whew. But what fun!

I've been enjoying Goodreads and learning about new authors there by reading reviews from others. It has made for a wonderful summer of reading. I've discovered Shawn Lane and Andrew Grey and several others, including Tere Michaels. It's been a learning experience. Of course, I love all the authors at TEB. Oh, another great find was Ethan Day. Love his stuff.

I've also spent a lot of time over on GLBT Bookshelf. That is a great place to put your work so others can get an idea of who you are and what you do. Fabulous idea and my hat is off to Mel Keegan for coming up with the whole idea, and for the wonderful work on it.

The links to both of these places are in my signature at the bottom. Check out both places and see if you're interested in learning more about them.
I, along with everyone else, hate that Michele is moving on, but wish her the very best of luck in her endeavors. She's been a wonderful editor. I appreciate her putting up with me.

I continue to work a lot in photography. Won a contest recently on Abstracts in Nature with a manipulated picture of a fiddlehead fern. I messed around with it on Photoshop and ended up with this. Then I made a jigsaw puzzle out of it. Weird, I know.

Someone asked once what people did in between writing to kind of think
about it or rest from it. I do jigsaws. I use my own photos and a soft-
ware program called Big Jig and it makes 360 piece puzzles out of my
photos and I have a ball. It relaxes me while I think about what I'm
going to do next in whatever book I'm working on.

I hope this has caught everyone up and shared a little of what's going on. I still visit Mom daily in her nursing home and fill her bird feeder so she can watch them flutter around it. Oh, how funny. She just called and said "You're going to get a good surprise when you watch the soap today."
Good to know. Maybe they've found out that Claudia is the one that
put out the hit on Sonny that got Michael shot and put him in a coma for
a year. Sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it. Love GH. Nope, you know what it was? It was that toward the end they had a song on...Mad World by Adam's not every 82 year old that would get excited by that, huh? (Love him!)

I'm through here. See you later.

***love is love***


TC Blue said...

Thanks for catching me up! Love, Grant sounds like it's going to be great, as does the book coming in January!

Love having an update; thanks again! :)

Lisabet Sarai said...

You're a busy one, AK!

Excellent photo! Deserved the prize, definitely!


Devon Rhodes said...

Great photo, I have a cousin that does nature closeups and it's amazing the whole new miniature worlds one can find.

Just finished proofing Too Keen, and AKM is right, everyone is going to love Miss Phoebe!