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Paranormal? Yes, please!

For my October Contest _ENFORCED_ I asked a question curious to see what the answer would be? I asked what is your favorite genre and why.
Luckily for me that 90% of the responses matched mine! Woo Hoo! Over 90% said paranormal! Since that is what I also love to read and write that just fits perfectly.
TO quote answer "because anything is possible in paranormal."
I couldn't agree more! I have loved va,pires, werewolves, ghosts, fairies, and all of the above for most of my life. While other girls were playing with dolls I would climb a tree with a book and sit there for hours and read.
This time of year as I decorate the house and get together a costume for my daughter it makes me look back and smile. This year my daughter (who just turned 11 yesterday!) had decided to be a witch! Now that is something I can get behinde.
My October contest was to celebrate the release of the second book in The Were Chronicles Pack Enforcer. Reader comments and reviews are coming in and I couldn't be more proud of it! A special thanks to my awesome editor Jess who helps me bring it all together in the end.
Also a huge Congrats to the contest winner- Rain! She won a free copy of Pack Enforcer!
Make sure to check my website in a few days- Nov 1st for details on my November Contest- Seduction. I will be giving away a free copy of my latest release Lacey's Seduction to the winner. You can get more details starting on the 1st at:
Now I would like to leave you with an excerpt from The First Book in The Corporate Wolves Series- The Favour was released in October and can be found
Series Blurb-
One would think the hardest part of being a wolf shifter would be keeping their secret from the world. Not for these high-powered executives. In search for not one mate but two, these determined shifters will stop at nothing to claim what is theirs. The corporate world had better be ready for the wolves that no longer hid in the woods.
Board room meetings and business dinners just got a whole lot more interesting.
Annabelle Scott nervously ran her hands over her grey knee-length skirt as the elevator took its time taking her up to the top floor.

She’d only gotten the message that her boss wanted to see her minutes ago. Unfortunately her co-worker Justin Black had thought it would be funny to see her rush so she didn’t keep the top man waiting.

She wasn’t nervous about meeting with her boss about work, knowing that she did her job well. Since she’d joined the company over a year ago, the accounting department had run smoothly. Nothing like the mess she’d had to clean up when she’d arrived.

No, she was unsettled over the thought of being in close contact with her boss. Ever since the day she’d interviewed with him, she had been hiding a secret desire for him.

It was not proper in the business world and more unlikely to ever happen. She wasn’t a size two. While her friends had told her she was pretty, she knew she was nothing compared to the drop-dead gorgeous woman Matthew ‘Mac’ McCoy seemed to like on his arm.

Then there was the problem with his right-hand man. While Mac was tall, dark, and handsome, his vice president, Trevor King, was muscular, blond, and blue eyed. The two of them together were potent. And every woman’s wet dream. Every time she ran into one man, he was with the other. Her hormones couldn’t take much more.

The elevator chimed, letting her know that she had reached her destination, and Annabelle flicked her hair from her eyes and took a deep breathe.

Stepping onto the thick tan carpet she felt her heel dig in and tried not to trip. What would her boss think if he saw her sprawled out over the floor? Her lips lifted in a smile at the thought.

“Ms. Scott,” her boss’s secretary greeted as Annabelle walked towards her desk.

“Hi Mary,” she returned. She liked the older woman and had from the moment she met her.

“He’s waiting for you,” Mary told her with a smile.

Glancing at her watch, Annabelle frowned. She wasn’t late yet.

“You’re not late,” the other woman confirmed. “He’s just in a mood today.”
“Okay thanks,” Annabelle responded distractedly. She really didn’t want to see her boss in a bad mood.

Annabelle stopped at the entrance of his office and looked in on him. He sat bent over his computer keyboard, pounding away. Mary was right if the way his fingers flew over the keyboard was any indication he was most definitely not happy. She knocked on the doorframe, not wanting to walk in without permission.

Matt’s head snapped up, and she watched as his golden eyes narrowed. She had never seen that colour before, but it fit him perfectly. Just like everything about him was perfect.

“Ms. Scott, finally.” His deep voice carried to her.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Corporate werewolves, huh. Interesting concept!

Congratulations on the latest release and on the many more you seem to have in the wings!


Susilien said...

I am going to have to go shopping again. I must share a birthday with your daughter 10/29. Who knew? Have a great weekend,