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A Question of Morals

I had a discussion recently with a new friend about morals and society’s views on sex. It was enlightening to find out that they still make a model of human that is shy sexually so much that asking for what they want makes them feel dirty.

In a bad, unclean way.

Personally I thought that was part of the fun. Telling the world about your sexual preferences/desires is one thing that should not be made public, but to those you trust deeply, can you tell them what you like without fear of retribution? I mean if the saying “Wherever I am, there I’m at” holds any water (and it does, believe me!) then shouldn’t we feel comfortable expressing ourselves to our friends or partners without the thought that they’ll think we’re immoral or bad?

I believe much of this nonsense about morals today comes from the belief that we must be a society that gives a crap about everyone’s ability to be offended. FUCK YOU!

I’m sure I just lost Total E-bound a reader on that one.

Oh well. They’re not paying me to…oh wait they ARE paying me to do that…*snicker*

Society is so easily offended these days isn’t it? In another non sexual reference, I gave a speech recently where I suggested that William Shatner was a retard. My evaluator’s only real negative comment was that I may have offended someone in the audience by using a “derogatory word like retard.”


From this we have the fact that labeling me as visually challenged offends me, but to call me legally blind (which I am) offends the blind. FUCK the blind. But the fact is, I can easily see (haha) how this sort of nonsense about being politically correct has translated into the bedrooms where morals should only be worried about by two (or more…) consenting adults. And we shouldn’t be telling each other in light of a sexual revolution that happened not so long ago that just because I like anal sex or that phone sex is hot or whatever, that we’re immoral.

Because we’re too busy worrying about offending everyone, we’re left with a society that treads so lightly that we’ve forgotten what we are. We’re carnal human beings. We hunt, gather, fuck, lather, rinse, repeat. I THOUGHT we were supposed to be embracing our sexuality. What have women been fighting for all these years when they marched? Equality all around. Now that it’s here, we as a society want to shut down all of our equality just because some of it offends a small group of pinheads?


Morals are nothing more than a standard, a guide. Each person has his or her own standards which they live by, that hopefully doesn’t intrude on the standards of life set by another person. Sexually, the same thing is true. If someone else is offended by your moral values, that’s their problem unless you’re causing harm to someone else.

What say you?


Glsmeltr said...

Bravo! No offense taken here.

meowwl said...

It's true indeed...But the whole sex as dirty didn't originate with political correctness. (which irriates the dogsnot out of me...I want to be able to drop the F-bomb at work without being accused of sexual harrassment, dammit!) It originated with religions trying to control people's lives by telling people that sex for anything other than procreation was wrong, sinful, unclean. Either way, it's pretty stupid, but we're often programmed that way from an early age.

Jude Mason said...

And when was the last time you went hunting... For food, dumbass. LOL Oh wait, you're blind... eeek! Okay, I'll do the shooting and you do the rest. Works for me!

Interesting post, Sas. Thought provoking and nasty, as I'd expect from you.


bethaney said...

I love it! Wow, your my new hero, seriously, I don't read many posts with such blatant honesty. I wonder why? Oh probably because most people are afraid to speak their mind in fear of what others will think, well I guess fuck them to .....

Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...

Bethaney, thank you for the comment. Yeah I'm the blunt writer of the publisher. I liken myself as the Donald Trump of the Romance world.

Meowwl, I wasn't going to push that boundary today *g* I had a conversation with... a new friend who was repressed because her stupid husband is almost puritanical in sex..

Jude, would you ever guess I'm dangerous with a shotgun? Yeah, and I can fire a cross bow and a regular compound bow and arrow too.

Or I can give you my arrow...*snicker*