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Sacred Talisman

It's here! Yes, after what seems life an eternity of waiting my first EVER book release happened this week. And it's actually two weeks ahead of schedule. Originally, my full-length novel, Deadly Vision, was going to be my debut release, but my short story Sacred Talisman jumped ahead when it became part of the Voracious Vamps collection. And I'm thrilled to announce it's now available.

Sacred Talisman if my first vampire novel, and the first book in my vampire series, Dark Prophecy. I hadn't planned on writing a series, but once I started telling Rafe's story, I couldn't get enough of this dark, alluring culture. There's something very compelling about penning a character who can toss men across the room with one hand, and shift, if you will, through time. And I knew I'd have to delve further into this genre.

But what is the vampire genre?

If you google vampire lore, you'll find it's changed a lot since the infamous beginnings of Count Dracula. For some, the old rules no longer apply and vampires can walk in sunlight and see their own reflections. Others create worlds where only a vampire can kill another vampire, and mere humans are but pawns in their games. A world where Buffy would surely have perished that first night in the graveyard.

My trusty dictionary states that a vampire is "a ghost or reanimated corpse supposed to leave its grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people, often represented as a human figure with long pointed canine teeth."

So where do present-day vampires fit in?

Everyone has their take, which might explain why these dark creatures have enjoyed such longevity. New twists and turns keep the material fresh, and keeps the reader coming back for more.

But perhaps the most notable change in the vampire history is the shift from villain to victor. Vampires are now seen as sexy, dominant hunks who save the day with their larger-than-life prowess and super-human abilities. They're sought after alpha heros who capture the heart of both the heroine and the reader. We cheer for them, cry for them and never once question their morality...a far cry from the likes of Dracula.

So with that in mind, I present my version of the old legend. Here's a peek of what you'll find under the cover of Sacred Talisman...

After roaming the earth for five hundred years, Rafe’s life is about to begin.

Rafe isn’t your ordinary vampire. He’s an Enforcer—a vampire created for the sole purpose of guarding a sacred talisman and preventing its power from being unleashed on the world. There’s just one problem. He has absolutely no idea how to find it.

The last thing Terryn expected was to have a handsome stranger come to her rescue when some creep drags her into an alley on Halloween. With blonde hair, blue eyes and a body rivaling every wet dream she’s ever imagined, she can’t help but wish her hero would keep her pinned to the wall. Too bad she doesn’t do one-night stands. But when the guy claims her necklace is an ancient talisman, and it’s his job to protect it, she’s launched into a world of prophecies and vampires, and discovers sex with the undead is hotter than her wildest dreams.

Now if they can only survive the night, and prevent a hoard of rogue vampires from claiming the pendant’s power, life—or even death—might just get interesting.

She cleared her throat, dragging his attention back to her face. “Then I guess I’m lucky you came along. Now if you’ll excuse me…” She shifted slightly, a faint glimmer on her neck reflecting the eerie light. Rafe moved with her, focused on the small pendant nestled against her throat. It looked like a tiny tear shaped vial, adorned with a silver lid carved into a series of leaves. The fluid inside the pendant shimmered in the dull light, casting rainbow coloured dots across her skin. She stopped when he barred her way with one massive arm.

“Where did you get that?’ he asked, nodding towards her neck.

The woman palmed her hips, glaring back at him. “What on earth are you talking about? Where did I get what?”

“The talisman around your neck.”

“Talisman?” She looked at him as if he’d spoken another language. She lifted her hand, fingering the pendant. “You mean my necklace?”

He nodded, unable to speak. The air seemed charged, prickling the hairs on the back of his neck. He watched as she caressed the smooth glass, running her fingers across the vial. The liquid inside glowed against her skin, fading from purple into black.

“It’s an heirloom.”

Her breath hitched as he reached up, tracing the suede cord with the tip of his finger. A spark erupted along his skin, tensing the muscles in his shoulders as he neared the small object. The light in the fluid increased, burning brighter. He stopped just shy of touching it, his gaze darting to hers. Her eyes had darkened, the green hidden by the black. She looked aroused and scared, and he wasn’t certain which outcome he hoped for. Her hand reached for his, grazing his skin as he touched the cool glass.

“Well I’ll be damned,” was all he said before a brilliant flash erupted from the pendant, knocking him back. A wave of energy flowed through him, rippling outwards like the wake of an earthquake. It prickled his skin, electrifying every nerve as it billowed out, filling the alley before finally dissipating.

Rafe staggered forward, bracing his weight against the building, trapping the woman between his arms. She mumbled something under her breath, splaying her hands across his chest. He forced himself to look up, cursing the decision the moment their eyes locked. It was her.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. Feel free to check out my blog or website for more excerpts and don't forget to check out all the titles available in the Voracious Vamps collection. Here's wishing everyone a happy Halloween.


Kris Norris

Romancing adventure at a time.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Kris,

Congratulations on Sacred Talisman. It sounds very good, and I love the cover. BUT didn't your excerpt say that the hero was blond...?

Oh well, he's hot anyway!

Wishing you lots of sales.


Kris Norris said...

Hey Lisabet,

Yes my hero is blond, but since it's a generic cover for six stories, you can't always have the guy you want on the cover. I'm sure some of the other vamps in the stories are brunettes, lol.

But thanks for posting and noticing. My guy has longer hair too, but...