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What were you thinking?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today I'd like to introduce you to the mind of a newly published author. The most common question I get from the select few number of family members and friends that have become aware of my new hobby is "What were you thinking?" I have to laugh because if they truly knew what went on inside my head, they would probably run away or they'd faint with the knowledge that steamy, explicit and sometimes quite complicated plots control my higher brain functions.

You see I've been known in my family to be "The good girl." I got good grades, went to the right schools, joined the right clubs, didn't get in trouble with the parental units and went on to a professionally satisfying career. However nearly two years ago my brain commanded me to indulge and embrace my naughty side.
So what was I thinking? I was thinking of sex of course. As one of my closest girlfriends from high school said "Anal Sex! Oral Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex!"-you can imagine what two sixteen year old girls were talking about when those words came out of her mouth.

I'm one of those very visual/tactile people. I love to see, love to touch, love to experience new things. I thought I could use those enhanced senses to portray relationships. I thought I could show readers that writing an erotic novel was more than insert tab A into slot B or C. I wanted a reader to not simply follow the lines across the page and let the words blend together. I wanted them to sink into the sensations and experiences the characters experienced. I wanted them to forget about the blond, brunette, or red head on the page and substitute themselves into the story. So I started typing and the first few words that landed on my computer monitor were filled with stimulation. I described the vibration of the bass in the night club as it pounds through your body, the smell of the roses on the terrace and the flashing of strobe lights. When the all important sex scene occurred I expounded on the way the fingers gliding across her skin felt, the way the pants of breath on her neck made her shiver, how the sound of his pleasure as they came together amplified hers, how the slashes of light highlighted his muscled body and how the salty essence of his sweat slick skin tasted on her tongue.

I wont lie my husband was really freaked out when he found out I not only wrote an erotic novel, but that I had submitted it for publication-at the urging of my best friend. I calmly explained that he should see it as a compliment. How would I be able to write such detailed scenes if I had no real life experience to pull from. That mollified him for all of about one minute. We eventually came to an understanding and now he doesn't exactly embrace my extracurricular activity, but does at least support it. When my mom found out she nearly spit out her water, blushed and then laughed. When my friends found out they demanded copies, and when my dad found out I squirmed in my seat. Hey I'm still a good girl at heart.

Night time is me time. When the sun goes down I click open the iTunes icon on my desktop, leave all the lights off, have a huge glass of Diet Coke sitting next to me and give my brain free rein. I never know what it will command my fingers to type, but I revel in the freedom to express whatever I happen to be thinking.

And Now for Something Completely Different!

Shield's Submissive was released on Sept 7th! I've included a Blurb and Excerpt for your enjoyment.


Mark Shield and Erica Cross have been colleagues at Aspen Advertising for several years. Unbeknownst to each other they've each been harboring fantasies of sweat slick flesh and feverish sex. One night the upsurge of their desires peaks and they plummet into a heated affair. Each quickly come to realize that there is more to their relationship than physical gratification. But can they trust the other with their innermost selves? Can Mark admit that he is ultimately yearning for a loving dominant relationship with his perfect submissive? Can Erica confess that despite being a strong individual she fantasizes about relinquishing control? As Mark slowly initiates Erica into the world of Dominance and submission they find that what started out as a hot office affair can amalgamate into a fulfilling and loving union.


The steam swirling around Erica created a dreamlike atmosphere. The clouds obscured her vision, but she didn't need to see clearly to know just who walked into the room behind her. For some elemental reason, she always knew when he was near. She felt his presence like an invisible force, an eddy that quickly towed her deeper then left his lingering existence in her soul. She didn't know if it was his scent or if he had a unique heat signature that allowed her to track him like the most sensitive of military ordinance.

She stood still near the corner of the small cubed space. Her breathing was almost as loud as the steam hissing out of the pipes. She felt every fibre of the soft terrycloth towel wrapped around her naked body. Her nipples strained against the threaded material, begging for his touch. Slick moisture gathered on her skin from both the steam and her own intense desire. A soft groan escaped her lips, and she tried to cover it with a soft cough, but apparently, he heard the sound anyway. His hands curved over her shoulders as he pulled her into his body. She felt every hard line and defined muscle of his broad chest against her back. His deep voice whispered seductively into her ear.

"It's time to stop playing this game we've become so fond of, Erica. It's been amusing, but now the rules are going to change. You'll be mine before the day is out."

"What rules do you speak of, Sir?" Her voice sounded strange to her ears, slightly elevated and whisper soft.

He bent his head and a lock of his soft hair brushed her cheek. His hand trailed from her shoulder to graze the slope of her neck with one finger.

"You will follow my commands when and where I see fit. You will heed to my desires, and I will fulfil yours. I can tell this excites you. I feel your pulse rushing just under you skin. I hear your breathing getting shallower."

"Maybe it's just from the workout and the stam congesting my lungs."

His finger moved further down to glance across her collarbone, down her chest and without any hesitation slipped beneath the towel to cup her left breast.

"Maybe, but is so, why is your nipple hard?"

The first intimate touch of his hand against her skin was pure sensation. All thoughts evaporated like the stream cocooning their bodies. She leaned back and put her head on his shoulder, exposing her neck in invitation. His fingers gently massaged her nipple, learning her texture and sensitivity. His palm cupped the underside of her breast.

His other hand came around and loosened the towel. As it fell to the damp floor beneath their feet, Erica gasped and started to bring her hands up to cover herself before she recognized that the increase in steam prevented him from seeing anything below her breasts. It was actually quite arousing knowing she was completely bare but still retaining the mysteries of her body. His hands skimmed down her sides, exploring the curves of her shape.

"Your skin is so soft, like satin. I'm dying to taste every single inch. Every soft curve and valley will know my touch."

He spun her around and, cupping her breast, leaned down. Her nipple was sucked into the hot cavern of his mouth. An irrepressible groan left both their throats. His tongue rasped across the sensitive peak. Her other nipple was rolled between his fingers.

His hand glided down her back. Arching into the touch, she wordlessly showed him how incredible he felt on her skin.

"Just on little touch my dear. I need just on touch burned into my memory until we meet again," he insisted with a growl.

Slowly, his hand moved around to caress her rear then his fingers inched towards her aching, wet centre-


AJ said...

Hi Trina,
I have friends who love my books and friends who think I will rot in hell for writing erotic romance. I went to a dinner party recently and a friend there said, "Please don't tell my family what you write" and by the end of the night her mom was asking for my books. I won't be passing them along any time soon...don't want to give the old lady a heart attack but welcome to the dark side sweetie!

Jambrea said...

Great blog Trina! I admit...I'm a good girl too. lol I did let my mom read something of mine because she kept asking...I haven't heard back from her about it. lol Congrats on your release!

Devon Rhodes said...

Ahh yes, friends and family. Talk about the uncomfortable silences when I mention my m/m books. I have their love and support, but most of them aren't reading it....altho I must say a few have really surprised me!