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Enjoy a Snippet

The rain is falling, the annual Christmas in the South market is in town for the weekend, and I've recently finished a manuscript, so I've celebrated with decadent food. To whit, I don't have a thing to say. So I thought I'd share a scene from a new work, tentatively titled, WOLF WANTED, that follows Anson, Fenris's brother from my Over the Moon story, Enemy Red.


Anson woke in a room that smelled like earth and spice. A trio of candles burned on a table across from the bed on which he lay, illuminating what looked like someone’s bedroom. The sheets under his naked body felt soft and silky. But when he turned his head to see more, stars exploded behind his eyes. Terrific.

He groaned and clutched his head, irritated that the ache increased with every brush of his hair against his temples.

“Easy, pup.”

Pup? Anson blinked in the dim lighting and saw a man’s form part from the shadows, appearing as if by magic. Though extremely tall, he moved with an unconscious grace, like a wolf. Yet he didn’t smell like kin. At the moment, he didn’t smell like much of anything, which was very, very odd. He wore only a black pair of trousers and nothing else. Bronze skin covered a broad chest and muscular arms corded with strength. Long, black hair framed a masculine face and stubborn chin. The man’s bright green eyes regarded Anson with interest, and when Anson sat up too quickly, the man narrowed his gaze, as if concerned.

The physical aspect of the man said “I’m human,” but those eyes screamed wolf. Anson lifted his head and sniffed again, irritated when the man smiled and stepped closer.

“Stop,” Anson growled, perceiving the hidden power of a dangerous threat. When the male moved again, he forced himself off the bed to his feet. Dizziness assailed him, followed by a swift, piercing carnal ache.

“Very nice, indeed,” the man murmured, his gaze on Anson’s thickening shaft. “The Wolf in the Forest is a blessed lady, isn’t she?”

“She?” Anson shook his head, trying to regain his wits. “The spirit has no gender. It’s Wolf and all that wolf entails.”

“And what is that, my pet?”

“I’m not your pet.”Anson shifted to the balls of his feet, ready to leap to his defence if need be. He felt like shit, but he was uneasy that the stranger continued to advance. One door to his left looked to be the only exit. “Who the hell are you? Where am I?”

“And why are you here, I suppose? All great questions.” The giant toyed with the waistband of his trousers, forcing Anson to noticed the large cock straining the material. Hell. The guy was huge, and aroused. Definitely not a wolf then, because male wolves didn’t engage other male wolves for sex. At least, not that he’d ever heard. “You’re just outside the city, near the humans across the world from your precious forest.”

“Sorcerer, I should have known,” Anson sneered, while stunned to be so far from home. But how else to explain his sudden shifts in place?

“Sorry, no. I can’t claim any ties to those evil mortals and their dark arts. Unless you’re speaking carnally, and then I’m your man.“ The male grinned, exposing a set of fangs, and Anson froze. “My name is Master--”

“Master? Are you fucking kidding me?” Fangs? What the hell was he? Not wolf, not shifter, not human. What else was there?

The man chuckled, and Anson was discomfited to feel an answering jump in his pulse. “My name is Masterson. William Masterson. You can call me Liam.”

“Yeah, okay, Liam. You want to tell me what you are and why I’m here?”

“You haven’t introduced yourself yet, son of Lycos. A rudeness, and one that needs to be corrected.”

In a flash, Liam rushed Anson and knocked him onto the floor. They struggled until Liam unleashed a burst of strength and flipped Anson onto his belly. Liam’s larger body blanketed his, and to Anson’s shock, he felt Liam’s cock through that thin material prodding his ass.

Get off me.

The scent of sex filled the air, and Anson tried to ignore his body’s response. He started to transform, then suddenly stopped. Liam didn’t struggle to keep him pinned down. If anything, the male lifted himself up to allow Anson more space.“What are you doing?”

“Seducing you?”

The absurdity of the moment took him by surprise, and he snorted with laughter.

“Is it working yet?” Liam whispered into his ear. The thready sound sent shivers down Anson’s spine, and his dick spiked, needing instant relief. From a male? He’s bewitched me!


“My pet wolf is a liar. Tsk tsk.” Liam licked his ear, then thrust his tongue inside.

The sheer carnality of the moment stole Anson’s breath and turned him into a mass of need. When Liam took one hand off the floor and shifted over him, Anson could have escaped. Curiosity, and something else he didn’t want to admit to, kept him still.

Liam quickly settled back down on top of him. This time, he shoved his bare cock between Anson’s ass cheeks. And by all that was Wolf, Anson liked it.

“That’s it, pet,” Liam breathed and slid his cock along Anson’s crack, not penetrating, but increasing the friction of his cock and balls over Anson’s flesh. “So soft. So very, very warm.” He nipped at Anson’s neck, the prick of sharp teeth causing pain. But when he licked it away, Anson groaned. “Delicious. Yes, give me a taste more.”

Liam placed his mouth over Anson’s shoulder and bit down. The pain shocked Anson out of his haze, and he struggled to escape. But his bucking only excited Liam to suck harder, to thrust faster against his taut backside. Wishing the erotic play didn’t excite him so much, Anson tried to resist but found himself losing the battle as Liam’s scent mingled with his.



Lisabet Sarai said...

Ooh! This one is going to be good!

I love the play with the names.

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.


Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Lisabet. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out too! :) Now I've got to finish the story.


Devon Rhodes said...

Yummy, thanks for the tease. Write! Write! :)