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Late is better than never, right?

Okay, I'm posting this waaaaay late. I've finally found a moment that is quiet...and it's after 1am. LOL

This time of year is always crazy--really, the beginning of the holiday season. And this year it's even more hectic because my sister-in-law is getting married the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Now, I don't have a ton to do as far as planning goes, but it still makes for some crazy days with bridal showers (and finding time to buy a gift that is just right for the happy couple), family gatherings, reminding hubby to get fitted for his tux before it's too late, buying dresses for my daughters (they are singing in the wedding), making sure that my boys have something decent to wear...and maybe, just maybe buy myself a new outfit. Those are trivial things I know, but add it into an already full schedule with work, home and 4 kids, and other committments, and it gets a bit crazy. So, my apologies for my not-so-put-together blog post. ;-)

With everything going on , I've been thinking alot about love and weddings. :) I always wondered why the families of the happy couples seem to think their wants are more important than those of the couples (Note: this is not specific to my family and the current happenings. I've observed alot of weddings/preparations and I've noticed a trend.) Everyone is so worried about doing because that is how it is always done in our family, or how can they be doing it that way, we've never done it that way. I'm not saying family traditions are unimportant by any means, but isn't this supposed to be the bride and groom's day? I mean, this is the start of their life together; shouldn't they be allowed to do it any freaking way they want to? LOL If the bride wants to wear hot pink, by golly, let the woman were hot pink!

It's sad that we can let "tradition" make a wonderful thing stressful and full of angst. Someone I know said a wedding are one of the most stressful event in someone's life. Now that is just plain wrong.

Of course, my children are far from marriageable age--never mind the fact that the oldest has surpassed me in height and has facial hair (*sob*)--I don't know how I'd react if one of them planned something I felt was outlandish for their nuptuals. I would like to think, regardless of how nuts I thought it was, I could keep my mouth shut and let them plan their day as they see fit.

Has anyone had experience with this? Has someone tried to overrule you in your own wedding plans? How did you deal with that and not let it overshadow a beautiful moment?



Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Jess,

By the time I got married, I was old enough that no one was going to tell me what to do. We got married in a state park; I wore a sari; the food was potluck style; and it was a wonderful wedding!

Good luck with your sister-in-law's wedding.


Devon Rhodes said...

Ho boy, yes, I've seen this in action, but fortunately didn't have many power struggles at my own nuptials. Well, other than Dad, who was most emphatic that he'd rather be comfortable than picturesque, and refused to wear his dress whites to give me away in (retired Naval officer). I conceded the point, and looking back, glad I listened so that he could fully enjoy my big day. In that instance, letting go of my "vision" and letting him to graciously and tactfully decline was the best thing for everyone involved.

Heather Howard said...

Interesting topic. My wedding was right out of college, and nothing was really as I wanted it, because I couldn't afford to fund it. However, the end result was that I got married to a wonderful man, and barely remember the day, except that the cake was delicious. I still suggest, from time to time, that we take new wedding photos, though! (I wish we could have had a gothic or halloween themed wedding; alas, not to be!)