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Our Satyrs are loved... but not by all.

Audra and I are tickled to get another amazing review from our first Satyrs' book, Of Crimson and Collars. This time its from Ck2S Kwips and Kritiques, and they gave it 4 Klovers!

Stella and Audra Price do a phenomenal job at crafting a world in which submissiveness is actually very empowering and sexy- a phrase I never thought I’d say as the two concepts seem incompatible. And yet, Stella and Audra Price not only make it work but they excel in doing so. OF CRIMSON AND COLLARS is one very hot and spicy read!

Yes, it is quite a good, and we are happy that yet another reviewer got the scope of the work. It bodes will for the second book, To Collar and Keep, which is almost finished and will be in the hot little hands of our new editor before January.

So far we have had one bad review, and while I value the persons opinion (I dont get all wild over reviews that are less then stellar) I dont think they understood the book or the characters. It is interesting to me when a reviewer can't wrap their head around something that isnt cut and dry, and cant understand that not every hero out there has a heart of gold, or the best of intentions.

With this book, and this series, we wrote a society where women are considered property. Beautiful and coveted property, but property just the same. The ones that great up in this society take it as what the world is like (like any society that our Western asses think isnt fair for women) and they are content to live like that. There is no reason to feel outrage on the Heroine's behalf, because she doesn't see anything wrong with it.

I think that when we read, sometimes we let your own beliefs cloud the issues in the book and are upset when what we think is moral and right is either challenged or blown totally to hell. I think that as readers, we have to remember that stories are stories, and while its not what your used to, its what you escape to because what your used to isn't all that interesting... does that make sense?

Ben is a hard character to like if you take preconceived notions about what a hero SHOULD be with you when you delve into this book. Because outwardly hes very dominant and cold, you don't actually look past it all to see that this is a man that was left alone almost all his life, was orphaned when his parents disappeared, has family that weren't the most supportive of him dude to his mixed heritage and has powers that can not only slow time, but bind a women to him after sleeping with him one time. He is a hurt individual, and all hes wanted is someone to love and love him, but being that hes so screwed up from his upbringing, he doesn't know how to achieve that. With Minerva, he can keep his pride and sanity, but still get the girl.

Im glad so many do in fact like Ben. He is a character close to both our hearts, because hes so flawed and he's got to make a life for himself with his new identity, and well for us, hes going about it the right way. And in To Collar and Keep, hes still at it, only this time, hes learning what it Truly means to be Satyr. Ooh and in this one You can see how a Satyr that grew up in the federation claims a mate...

So thats all for my ramblings, I have much to do, and I'm sure you do to. Thanks for reading today and Happy Holidays!

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