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Over the Moon!

This not only describes my mood it is the title of my new release today. Well, I share that honour with Jenna Byrnes, Jude Mason, Sascha Illyvich, Jambrea Jo Jones, Marie Harte and Aurora Rose Lynn as Over the Moon is the latest anthology release from Total-E-Bound. Pick it up now and enjoy yourself a book filled with werewolves, adventure and hot sex. What more could a girl want, eh?

So, my story in the Anthology is Moon Shy. Here's the blurb for you:

Lowell is a werewolf. Desdemona is a werewolf. That is where the similarities end.

Desdemona takes great joy in the full moon. She maims and kills with enthusiasm and wishes she could be a werewolf every day. Lowell hates what he is. He wishes that the full moon would only come around once in a million years.

Jenny is a sweet girl who often acts before she thinks, especially when a man is involved. She finds herself between these two werewolves. She loves Lowell, he was her school crush way back when. Desdemona is her superior and makes her working life a misery.

But which werewolf will have Jenny in the end? Will Desdemona succeed in killing her during the full moon, or will Lowell be able to keep her safe and in the dark about his horrific secret? It comes down to a fight between two werewolves, one Moon lover and one Moon Shy. Who will win?

Moon Shy
was a whole new kettle of fish for me. I'd never set my hand to a paranormal story before and hadn't ever even contemplated writing a story about a werewolf, let alone an erotic one but when I saw the call for submissions a story idea popped into my head and just would not leave me alone.

I tried to ignore it, I didn't think I was up to the challenge of writing something so incredibly new and out of my comfort zone but the damn story plagued me until I eventually gave in. Now, I must say I wouldn't have been able to have written it if it wasn't for the patient help of my darling husband who heard my story scene by scene and helped me with any werewolf enquiries. Also my friend Angel was invaluable as she came up with my villain's name as I was struggling to come up with one. Desdemona fits her so very well. And of course, my editor on this project, Janice made my work readable and that in itself is a mammoth task!

So now, an excerpt now, as in the rest of my story, there is a good bit of violence and a little blood spilt in this section of my story, so if you're a bit squeamish, you've been warned!

The stripping, the humiliation, the spanking and the domination—he enjoyed it all. His cock was hard no matter the punishment he took, and Dessie admired that in a man.
“Well, Michael, it seems today is your lucky day. Your cock is hard and my cunt is aching.” She ran a hand through his hair as he knelt subserviently before her. She pulled him forward roughly, and he winced with the pain.

“Don’t disappoint me now, Michael,” she purred. “You’ve taken it so well. Now get up here and fuck me.”

She lay back on the bed. She was already naked, she preferred to lose her clothes as early on as possible, and it made proceedings easier and much less messy. Michael eagerly climbed between her thighs and began to thrust. She knew he wouldn’t last long.

She pulled his head down towards her, and as he fucked her, she whispered in his ear.

“Do you know what tonight is, Michael dear? Tonight there is a full moon, and it is rising right now, as you fuck me. In just a moment it will be at full strength. I love the full moon, Michael. It makes me so very horny. So fuck me hard, lover boy, and enjoy it, for it’s the last thing you will ever do.”

And as the fat, pampered executive continued to pump, Dessie howled. Her flesh rippled, her soft, smooth skin erupted hair in thick clumps, and her wicked smile grew bigger and bigger until her jaws were wide and her smile was the menacing snarl of a wolf. It all happened in a split second, and before the man encased inside of her could scream out in fear, Desdemona, the werewolf, ripped into his flesh and tore out his throat. She discarded the body and ran off into the night. The full moon was still young, and she had a mighty blood lust to feed.

I hope you enjoyed that an remember, Over the Moon is available now so you can rush off and pick up your copy today!

If you want to read more then pop over to and check out my blog. I have blog posts there from four of the other anthology authors including this blog by yours truly

Enjoy and when you've read Moon Shy please let me know what you think of it. You can always email me at Victoria @
Thank you.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Victoria,

Sounds like quite a story! Conflicts galore!

Congratulations on your first werewolf tale (I've yet to write mine) and wishing you lots of sales!


Devon Rhodes said...

Oh yes, this was a wild tale! Amazing storyline, you are so creative!

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